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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Go See Doctor Dre's Bloggie!!

These are of Hootie and Dr. Dre. Dre is a psychiatrist and Hootie needs him!!

Dear friends and neighbors out there, you have got to go to Doctor Dre's blog!! We are so excited 'cause his daddy took the best action shots of the 3 of us at the dog park last Saturday. Dre was very cool and calm. Hootie was a bit over enthusiastic. He wouldn't let the poor little guy take a breather. I, of course, was my usual carefree self. Our mommy's photos aren't quite so good, but we're gonna post some here anyway. She is still working on a collage. we'll see if that happens. Nice try Mommy. Way to go. Okay, now go over to Dr. Dre's!

AireKisses to All,

Baby Rocket Dog

Friday, June 26, 2009

Showing Some Tongue for The Scotties (&Java)

The Rocky Creek Scotties are having a contest in honor of their (upcoming) 100th post. It's a random drawing from pooches who post a pic of their tongues and leave a comment on the Scottie's blog. Here are our entries:

Mom couldn't decide between all our lovely tongue pics---there are so many, so she had us post 3. I guess we only get 2 entries though?? Go visit Lilly, Piper, Carleigh and Java and put in your entry to join the fun!
Hootie's getting really excited about the rodeo tonight. He goes to the local airport soon to get his special guests. Tomorrow we should have photos for y'all to enjoy!!
Peace Out, BabyRocketDog

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Rodeo At Last!! ~ Disregard the date---this is Friday,June 26th!!

Bow Wow Whoopee!! The Kootenai River Rodeo is in town and I have a pretty little filly (WFT) accompanying me! Yes, the lovely Aggie has flown in from Boston and agreed to ‘go cowgirl’ for the weekend! She even brought one of our best buddies, the fabulous Miss Asta, to help with her outfit changes and provide some pictures!! This is a Pro-West sanctioned rodeo ~ the real thing friends! My little heart was just pounding in anticipation of Agatha‘s arrival. When she and Asta stepped off their private Learjet at the county airport I almost fainted. Such classy pups with how many bags?? Asta said she was just along to help Aggie out and said (& I quote), “You won’t even know I am there dear. Totally behind the scenes on this trip.” Of course, she said it with her little Baba Wawa accent, which I can not begin to imitate. He he.

Aggie and me, Hootie, posing in one of our rodeo outfits. Photo by Archie.
Yee Haa!! Giddy up bronco!
All you wanna-be cowpokes, eat yor hearts out!!

Here is a quote about the rodeo from the Boundary County Digest, a local paper: Ken (Pres. of the Selkirk Saddle Club) explained that the Kootenai River Rodeo is a Pro-West sanctioned rodeo. Most of the contestants are Pro-West, but any resident who wants to complete can enter as a “local cowboy” if he/she lives within 75 miles of Bonners Ferry… Welllllll, guess who entered the team roping contest with me??!! Okay, she got disqualified due to the 75 mile rule, but what fun we had!! Doesn't she cut a pretty figure on that horse??

The above 4 photos were taken by our dear friend Asta. She is a master photographer. Seems she takes after her artistic momma. Thanks Asta!! We'll have a few more rodeo pics later. Hope you have enjoyed these. We all had a great time!!
Welshie Hugs and Kisses,

This and That

Yesterday evening we went for a ride around the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge with Mommy and got to see a mama moose and her calf. Here are a few pics we took:

Here is Mommy's attempt at a feature film:

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And, last but not least, stay tuned for the Selkirk Saddle Clubs Kootenai River Rodeo this weekend. There will be a special guest and some action shots too.
The excitement mounts!!

Lots of Welshie lovin', Hootie

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where Do We Sleep?

Ages ago our friend, Mason Dixie, tagged us for a meme on "what does my bedroom look like". Thanks Mason ole girl! Since both Hootie and I have taken over the cabin, the whole place is our bedroom!! Well, here are some photos of one of our favorite places here in Idaho. Normally we don't sleep together, but this particular evening we were feeling brotherly/sisterly love! We would like all our bloggie buddies to do a post on their favorite place to sleep, so we pass it on to everydog out there!

The photo at the very top was taken while in Phoenix a few months ago. And of course, you can figure that one out...yup, after one of Hooties many incarcerations in the hoosegow. hahahahaha. Got ya little brother!
G'Nite all!! XXOO- Baby Rocket Dog

Friday, June 19, 2009

Farewell Hunter...You Were A Good Boy

Mommy's cousin Sheila sent the following note on Thursday evening:

We wish to thank all our friends/family for their prayers and support as our golden retriever Hunter fought cancer.
Today at 4:30PM he was at the Animal Hospital after having some cancerous tumors removed on Monday that were impairing his walking and he just couldn't keep up the fight. He gave it all he had as he wanted to get well. There were just too many tumors. He had the best doctor and technicians in the world to help him and he will be missed by all who came in contact with him.

Mike, Sheila & Lilly

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update On Poor Daddy

This is Daddy's broken and dislocated collar bone. For the scoop on what's happening in this ongoing saga, please click here. Thanks for your continued crossed paws, magical Aire-zen and prayers! We love you guys.
Your pals, Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Daddy's Hurting

This is us right after we got our hairs cut last Tuesday. Our groomer Jody does a good job!
If you guys could pray and keep paws crossed for our daddy, we would appreciate it. (His name is Patrick.) He dislocated and broke his collar bone yesterday down in Phoenix in a motor scooter accident. He is on pain medicine and goes back on Tuesday to the VA hospital to have it set. He doesn't want mommy to worry and said he's fine. Maybe he'll be able to come up here to recover. We have our paws crossed for that! He's way more fun than Mommy. Thanks bloggie buddies. We love ya!

Smooches from pooches,

BabyRocketDog & Hootie

Friday, June 12, 2009

Guess Who Is The Good Dog....for a change

The Good.

The Bad.

And The Ugly.

I was outside when this occured, so you know who did it!!
Bad Baby. Baaaaaaddddd Baby Rocket Dog. BaahhhHahahahahahah.
Later Pooches! XOXO ~ Hootie

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We Got To Meet Smokey The Bear!!

Above picture is Hootie and my lovely fuzzbutt. Thanks Mommy for that shot!
I had an itch. What can I say?? Look at Hootie the Rude Dude.
Help!! I think Forest Service Gal is trying to strangle me!!

I was a tad afraid of this living legend, Smokey the Bear, but Hootie had no trouble jumping up on him to get a little lovin'!! The Forest Service Girl with Smokey was there for his protection I think. Hootie jumps up on everybody, even famous bears!!

Here we are with Smokey and our Mommy too.

Today Mommy wanted to try out some kayaks at Dover Bay and it was a beautiful cool (and windy) day, so she brought us along. We had to stay in the car while she putzed about on the lake, but afterwards she walked us around so people could pet us and admire how well behaved we were. ha ha. We were so thrilled to meet Smokey!
Signing off for now. AireSmooches, Baby Rocket Dog
ps--Sad news: The little bunny passed away on Friday. Jim said he probably had internal injuries.Hootie said he was sorry(that he didn't eat him when he could have).