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Monday, February 28, 2011

Look At The Sweet Stuff I Got In The Mail!!

This is Flat Sally Ann and me. You know she's my #1 sweetie, right?

She got me the upsome most cool card for V-Day. See all the kisses on it??

And here I am with Sally Ann's picture, enjoying one of the chewy treats she sent me.
She also got me this awesome lobster, which immediately had a squeekerectomy
performed by an Airedale who shall remain nameless.

Since Sally Ann sent 2 doggy treats I thought I had better give
the Airedale (who shall remain nameless) one.
She would have stolen it anyway, so it was better to appear magnanimous!

Here I am choosing my new lobster over the old one. The old one is missing all of it's stuffing and was in really bad shape. He was my favorite toy for quite some time, before BabyRD killed him. Mommy threw him away after I chose my new S.A.Lobster as my new favorite. RIP old friend.

All of this cool stuff pictured above was sent to me by Sally Ann from Atlanta, Welshie/Georgia Peach!! Sally's dear mama, Lisa, even sent my folks a little Valentine heart with hooman chocolates in it. Daddy ate most of them since he's the chocolate bear in our house. lol. The very best pressie of all that was in the package from Sally Ann was a headshot of my sweetie AND Flat Sally Ann herself. Awesomeness!! I held off on posting this until our MM2011 Costume Contest was all wrapped up. Just want to say to sweet Sally Ann: Thank you so much for all the great pressies and Thank you for being my Valentine!! You're the bestest WelshieGal a Welshie chap like I could ever wish for!!!

Lots of WelshieHug & Smooches to all my friends,
Hootie the Wonder Dog

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good News ~ Bad News ~ Good News & This is Post 200 For us!!!

Here we are on Mommy's & Daddy's bed enjoying a snooze.
Note Baby Rocket Dog's ball. Bad hiding place!!

Oooo this is scary. Look how Baby's eye is partially opened. Creepy!!
Okay, the good news is we got 16 of the prize packages sent out finally!! The bad news is we still need 1 address. Mommy's gonna email her to get it.

Now for more bad news. Mommy's camera took a hit on Sunday and it looks like it's gone to camera heaven. Must have been the soaking rain that finished it off. Luckily with these new cameras the memory disk can be removed so we still have our photos from the PetSmart Petwalk. We'll regale you with those at a later date, since we'll need to use our archive photos until the folks scrape up enough green stuff to buy another camera. (Daddy's Nikon isn't our mommy's cup of tea.)

And finally for the last good news. Since all the excitement of MangoMinster 2011 and our Costume Contest is finally ebbing we can get a little rest around here!!

Ciao buddies. Sleepy time for pooped pooches!! Oh and go on over to Reilly's blog to enter the sleeping contest!!

Smooches and yawns,
Hootie and Baby Rocket Dog

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Special Note To All Winners

This is just a reminder to all winners of our Costume Contest. We still need you to send us your mailing addresses. If you haven't done so yet, please send your mailing address to us at:

cassiejo(AT)juno(DOT)com .

Once everyone has sent in their mailing address then the prizes will be sent out. Please bear with us!

Smooches from pooches,
BabyRocketDog and Hootie

Sunday, February 13, 2011


In our last post the Pooches Choice Winners were announced.
Once again, congratulations to Jake & Fergie and Jazzi for their victories.
They were chosen by a popular vote of fellow bloggers.

The following winners were chosen in different ways.

Mommy and Hootie and I wanted to pay tribute to our dear little friend, Dr. Dre, whom we lost so tragically last August. Dre loved to dress up and even was a winner, along with Hootie, in a local costume contest benefiting the Panhandle Animal Shelter in October 2009.
We felt it fitting to dedicate a category to him.

So, we have chosen PEDRO as our winner of the DR. DRE MEMORIAL TINY DOG PRIZE.

Hootie and I, Baby Rocket Dog, got to choose our own special winners, 'cuz it's our contest and we wanted to have our own pick! So, the following 2 special categories were created:

Baby's AireChoice for MOST CHARMING FASHION SENSE ~ MISS MOLLY of Inky and Molly. I feel Molly is right up there with Asta, Lacie and of course, me, with her fashion sense. I mean come on folks. How many of you have lent your clothes to your mommy?!

Hootie's Choice for DOG MOST LIKELY TO TURN ON HIS HOOMAN FOR DRESSING HIM IN THIS SILLY COSTUME ~ Frankie Furter. Look at the picture. 'Nuff said!

The following winners were chosen by a panel of these 7 unbiased judges: Cathi, Jeanne, Liz, Mandy, Maria, Patrick and Ramona. We want to send our thanks to all of these esteemed judges...We know there were some hard decisions that had to be made and we appreciate you making them. We think you did a fine job. Muchas gracias!!

NOW, for the winners in each category.
Drum roll please...pita-pita-pita-pita=pita-pita....

(like a celebrity, singer, storybook character, etc.):

2nd PLACE:


(One or two simple accessories):
2nd PLACE:
(Showy, shiny or outrageous):
(How did they get the pooch(es) to do that???):
Winners for CUTEST (Tie):

And last, but not least. Winner for BEST CAT COSTUME:

All of our contestants are fabulous, in and out of costume. We hope you all enjoyed this as much as we did. Now, we would like all of our winners to send us their mailing address so we can get their prizes out to them within the next week. Our email is: cassiejo(AT)juno(DOT)com. Once again, thank you to Mango and MangoMama for putting on MangoMinster 2011. And thank you to Oskar & also Mikkel Becker for each donating a prize.
Congratulations again AND Happy Valentine's Day!!
Smooches from pooches,
Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie
PS-If you want to visit any of the winners blogs to congratulate them, just click on their name. To visit any of the other contestants go to our posts from Feb.7th and just click on the entrants photos! We're sure they'd all like to have you visit them. XOXO


We want to give our congratulations to our MM2011 side event Costume Contest Pooches Choice Group Winners, Jake and Fergie and the Overall Pooches Choice, Jazzi. Well done amigos!!

Daddy and Mommy are taking us up to Prescott, Arizona now to enjoy some cool weather and celebrate Valentine's Day. BUT, mommy brought her computer, so tonight after some revelry, we'll try to get all the winners posted. Please stay tuned!
Smooches from pooches,
Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saturday, Feb.12th, Last Day For Pooches Choice Vote On Costume Contest

#1 ~ Our apologies to #34 ~ Noodles, for referring to HerSweetness as a "fellow"and "he"!! Hootie is trying to say he was using "the royal he" but I don't think there is such a thing. ANywhoooo, corrections have been made and mea culpa Miss Noodles!!

#2 ~ Isn't MangoMinster2011 getting exciting?? BowWowZer, we can hardly contain how wired we are. I had to hold Hootie back when dear little Carmen won the Diva division...He almost went all Kanye on us when his Beyoncé (Sally Ann) didn't win. Boy that was a close call!! Make sure and visit MM2011 each day to get your votes in.

#3 ~ As in MM2011, ALL WINNERS! We will coordinate prizes after the show, OK?

Okay, I think that's all for now. Make sure to tell your friends to come on over and place their votes.

Big, wet AireSmooches,
Baby Rocket Dog

Monday, February 7, 2011


These are the 7 entries in our Group Photo Category
Just click on each photo to visit each entry's blog.
Please vote for your choice on our sidebar!
#7 ~ Butterflies Spongy and Licky from Mexico. Guess which one is Licky!! Bol.
#6 ~ Rock & Roll Cleo in her Basset skirt (no, not a poodle skirt!) & her HoundDogMommy.
#5 ~ BACON & EGGS ~ Tallulah is bacon and Petunia is eggs.
This was Pug-o-ween 2010 and maybe breakfast the next day!

#4 ~ Miss Shawnee is the jailer here, complete with pawcuffs!
Sydney and Dixie are the inmates in this New Jersey jail.

#3 ~ These smiling, little sweeties are Jingle Bell, Christmas, Happy and Pinky!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is where they all live together. Wow!

#2 ~ These 2 special wires, Jake and Fergi, have come a long way baby!
Sitting pretty as cowpokes.

#1 ~ Puppies in Bloom ~ Mollie Jo, Bobo and Dolly.
They just got a new foster brother. Congrats!

POOCHES CHOICE ~ Entries 1 thru 26

All of these entries, 1 thru 42, are one category for the POOCHES CHOICE. They are on 3 separate posts but are just ONE category. Choose just ONE as your favorite entry. An independent panel of judges will be choosing winners in other categories that will be announced with the winners. Thank you for participating in this side event to MangoMinster2011. We hope you are enjoying yourselves! XXX-BRD & Hootie

#26 ~ Frankie Furter

The devil made me do it!!

#25 ~ Carmen

This little pup is very talented. An ace cheer leader & agility student!

#24 ~ Spongy
He's a unicorn with a princess on his back!!

#23 ~ Kitty
Look closely and you'll see Kitty is edible. She's a banana split!

#22 ~ Brutus
Brutus takes his Vader seriously and is kind of ticked off at that Super Bowl Kid Vader.
We quote: "You don't know the power of the dark side!"

#21 ~ Asta
Since she's such a fashion plate Asta had trouble making a decision on what to wear.

BabyRocketDog chose her full ballerina outfit and Hootie went for the cow suit.

#20 ~ Taffy
Can you believe that he is on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout?!

#19 ~ Butchy Lamb
Modeling his cowboy costume made entirely by his mommy. Even the hat!
Cool dude!!

#18 ~ Mack
Mack was always a hot dog in our book!

#17 ~ Prince Piper
Hard to believe that Piper has a little devil in him. Doesn't he look innocent?!

#16 ~ Jazzi
Anybody who has ever read Jazzi's blog knows he is crazy for tacos...

so this is his dream costume.

#15 ~ Cleo
This outfit was made from children's clothes. All the decorations were done by Cleo's mommy.

#14 ~ Beauford
Doesn't he look enthused about this whole contest? BOL!!

#13 ~ Ludo
Ludo said she was "just scraping in! Wearing mum's hat and scarf."

Hey, it's cold in the UK now.

#12 ~ Molly (UK)
Molly believes in always being prepared. Her Girl Scout vest testifies to this! Atta girl!!

#11 ~ Molly (Australia)
This Molly doesn't believe in costumes...She believes as clothes as a lifestyle statement!

Please click on her photo above to read her wonderful post about this!!

#10 ~ Miró
This lovely shirt was a birthday gift to him.

Who wouldn't want a wonderful, screen printed Airedale pup on ones back?!!

#9 ~ Morgan
Okay, we know you're asking,"Why does Morgan have that pot lid on her chest?"
Well, she's from Pittsburgh and she was prepared with this riot gear in 2009 when the G-20 Conference was held there. Smart thinking Morgan! hehe.

#8 ~ Maisie
Aww come on. Even a skull and a "BOO" can't make such a pretty girl scare us. bol.

#7 ~ Sagira
We just met this young lady, but are very impressed that she has both beauty and brains. Sagira is a therapy dog when she's not playing pirate!!

#6 ~ Mason
Is there a small Frenchie under your hat Mason? haha.
You are surprisingly calm for having 2 very active French Bulldogs at home!

#5 ~ Pauley
Though Pauley is a foster dog she's made herself at home.
Celebrating the New Year in style with the fam!

#4 ~ Stanzie
Stanzie prepares for Mardi Gras. We thought she was a Dame Edna impersonator!

#3 ~ Norwood
Why are we not surprised that Norwood has prison garb??

#2 ~ Dexter
Here is what Dex had to say about himself: "Dexter here with my wet t-shirt, muscle dog look.
Ladies, control yourselves. I am one Labrastud."

#1 ~ Wyatt

Aloha from Wyatt...Bet he has visions of hula pups. (See Miss Darwin #28!)