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Thursday, April 17, 2014

More From The Naughty Terrier Club...

 This top photo was just taken yesterday, after Hootie's escapade. 
The bottom one is from November 2011...One of Mommy's favorites.
She calls it her Hootie-Rug. BOL.

The following is a post my brother, Hootie, made on The Naughty Terrier Club wall on Tuesday, April 15th :

Here I am, Hootie, relaxing under the watchful eye of my Welshie wife, Sally Ann. I was a VERY naughty terrier this afternoon. Went for a ride in the car with my mommy and when we got home she made the mistake of letting me out of the car without my leash. Well, BabyRocketDog and I both made a run for it. Baby was lured into the car with a treat. Not ME baby! I proceeded down the drive and started chasing a bunch of chickens and a rooster that run loose near a neighbor's house. The hens high tailed it away, fast. I am an amazing runner, so the chase was on. I decided the big rooster was game, so closed in on him. We ran through the horse coral, around trees in the woods, through a yard...all the time my old mommy running behind me screaming my name like a banshee. She almost caught me once, falling down. Bwahahaha. Finally I caught the rooster and clamped on to his tail feathers. He screeched and mom grabbed me. The rooster ran away, minus his tail feathers. I was in mommy's arms, all out of breath, but so proud. She kept telling me what a bad boy I was. Sheesh. She also went to the neighbor and was told the rooster was fine, his tail will grow back. So I say, "No harm, No foul/fowl." BOL.

So friends, that shows you what a naughty boy that brother of mine is.  Mommy told me that even though I initially ran off that I was a good girl.  SO, wouldn't you think that because I am so good that I would be rewarded, say, with a party, or parade, or at least a bowl of treats?? Nooooo.  Instead, on Wednesday, the folks took me for a ride (without Hootie) to see Dr. Hall, our veterinarian.  Now don't get me wrong, I love Doc Hall, but it seems whenever I go to see him alone he cuts something off of me.  True to form, he cut a melanoma off my back...The folks didn't even make the appointment for me to get that little bump cut off...It was because I have been limping off & on this past week.  Anywho, looks like I have osteo-arthritis.  Doc gave me some pills to test out.  Mommy said she wants to get me some glucosimine to try too.  They always say I'm a hypochondriac because I like to take pills...hmmmmm.   Okay, I'll put a pic of my surgery in my next post, as I know you are just dieing to see it!

Hope you all have a great Passover/Easter holiday week.

Smooches from pooches,
Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Farrr North Idaho Reporting

This Moose was visiting us in March.

 Both of us wanted to go outside to visit with her, but the peeps wouldn't allow it.
 SOooo, since we weren't allowed to "visit" with her, our place is still called:
News Flash:   Well, we thought Mrs. Moose was getting old really fast, but found out the white on her back is from something else.  Something really creepy.  Yup.  There was an article in the local paper about this and the accompanying photo looked a LOT like our moose.   Apparently there are some parasites called moose ticks and they can even KILL a moose.  We think that is probably why Mrs. Moose didn't have any calves with her this Spring.  The young calves can have over 50% of their blood drained by those vampire ticks and it's just too much for their young bodies. How sad.  The Billings, Montana Gazette had this story just yesterday & it tells more about the horrible moose tick, just click. Enough about that. Yuk.

Hootie and I, Baby Rocket Dog, have been enjoying our Winter and now Spring here in Farrr North Idaho.  Mommy and Daddy are really busy unpacking boxes and trying to de-clutter the cabin.  Good luck there folks...what a mess.  Can you spell hoarders?!   Bol.  Mom says it might take a good 6 months before things look "normal". 

Sorry we haven't been posting lately.  Google kind of had us confused.  We'll try to get our secretary to be better at keeping us up to date here.  So, time for us to sign off for now.  Hope you are all well and that 2014 is treating you peachy!

Smooches from pooches,
Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hmmmmm.......A Real Naughty Terrier.

 Here am I, Hootie, innocently laying in the window seat, dreaming of my sweet wife, Sally Ann.
 Above is the bed in question.  Note slobber marks and huge AireButt indentations on bedspread.
HERE is the guilty party. She is one of the original members of The Naughty Terrier Club.

While I was innocently resting in the window seat downstairs, my big sister, Baby Rocket Dog, was up in the loft lolling around on Mommy & Daddy's bed.  She always checks out their night stands for any possible goodies to munch out on.  She got a cough drop this time.  I know this because there was a wrapper on the floor.  She jumped off the bed before Mom could catch her, but the evidence is clearly there.  Naughty, naughty sister!! 

I am the good boy. No question about that!  Okay, better go now.  

WelshieSmooches from,

Friday, August 30, 2013

How We Helped Daddy in August...

Okay, maybe we weren't that great a help.  But, we had lots of fun watching Daddy prepare a seating area in our little dog park here at Smiling Moose Point.  I, BRD, stayed close by Dad, so he could throw my ball every few minutes for me.  Hootie decided that sitting up near the cabin provided a better view.  The finished project is a nice, flat area for the folks to sit at while watching us romp.  So, what do you think?  Should we keep Dad on staff for future projects?? Bol.

Smooches from pooches,
Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Some June Stuff...

Hi Friends.  Just a short post here.  We got to check out a huge set of elk antlers and a mule deer mount.  Also, we are very proud of the hooman grandson who won 3rd place in the Kootenai River Run in June.  Congrats to him!!
More later.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRocketDog & Hootie

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What We Did In May...

                                                                    On I-90 to N. Idaho
                                                     This is my dad and me the day of my surgery.

  I was feeling a bit loopy.  You can see it in my eyes.

 A few days later I was getting used to "the cone of shame"...Still not liking it though.

                                                          Here is Hootie Bug at the Mutt Strutt.
                                                           Hootie and me after getting my cone off.

May was a busy month for us.  We traveled to our cabin in North Idaho from Phoenix and made the 1500 mile trip in 2 days!  Daddy was an amazing driving machine.  He didn't even stop to blow his nose. BOL. We were our usual well behaved selves unlike Dad. Of course we've made this trip many times before. For fun, Hootie got to go to the Mutt Strutt for Pawsitive Works (I couldn't go due to my stitches--see later explanation.) and he won the costume contest and brought home a nice basket of treats. Good work brother!  OH, and Hootie and Miss Sally Ann Stanley announced on Face Book that they were secretly married!!  Yes, they finally tied the knot.  Here is the announcement:

BREAKING NEWS! (Finally) Mr. Hairy "Hootie" Houdini-Phillips is proud to announce that he and his fiancé of 2 years, Miss Belleville Sally Ann Stanley, were married March 1st, 2013, St. David's Day. They eloped to the village of Gretna Green, in the south of Scotland. Neither party's parents were made aware of this secret ceremony until just recently. The happy couple will be maintaining homes in Arizona, Georgia and Idaho so they can take care of Hootie's aging parents and also enjoy the night-life of Atlanta with Sally Ann's mother and little brother, Andy.

Okay, you are probably wondering why I, Baby Rocket Dog, have the "cone of shame" in the photos above.  Well, I had an operation not long after we arrived in farrr North Idaho in May.  It seems I am a lumpy dog.  While giving me a bath in April my daddy found a lump the size of a human thumb just below my bum. The folks took me to a veterinarian  in Wickenburg, Arizona and he said it should be removed when we got back up to Idaho.  My surgery by Dr. Hall went well and it was determined that I had a perianal adenoma (which is benign). That was a good thing.  Two weeks with that stupid cone on was no treat, but Daddy and Mommy would take it off when they could keep a close watch on me.   (I really wanted to lick it...those stitches were itchy!)  I had my stitches removed 2 weeks later and now I'm free of the cone.  Hootie seems unusually interested in my bum now, but other than that, things are back to normal.  I hope your May was lovely!

Smooches from,
Baby Rocket Dog

                                                     One of my favorite cartoons. ~ Cassie

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daddy Got Us A New Car!

 These pics are of Mommy & Hootie with our brand new Subaru Outback.  Subaru has advertised for several months now, that they are especially dog friendly.  Of course, we know this because we had a Subaru Legacy wagon for years before a rude deer ran into us and totaled it and we just loved it.  We are still in Arizona right now, so Daddy purchased our new wheels here.  Now, here's the thing:  Mommy seems to think Dad bought this car for her, while we know that he actually bought it for US.  Of course, we will allow Mommy to chauffeur us around...all the time knowing that it is our car.  You might remember that I actually got my Idaho driver's license in February, so when no one is looking Hootie and I can go joy riding for a spin. Don't tell!! 

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Those of you back East, enjoy the snow for us!  It's in the high 80's here in Phoenix. Yikes!
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRocketDog and Hootie

Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Circus Surprise Prize Arrived!

Well these pictures tell the story.  Hootie and I won this wonderful prize for "most comments" at the big Blogville Circus in February.  We were shocked at the win and also very excited for the prize to get here from our new friend, Roo.  Well, it arrived on the 8th and what a grand prize it was.  Get this, Mom didn't let us touch ANY of the gifts inside...she said they were just for hoomans!! Books and dvd's and such.  Imagine our chagrin.  Well, it turns out there actually was something there for us...It just required some patience. There was a GIFT CARD for PetSmart!!!  One of our favorite places to go, next to Home Depot and the Frozen Yogurt Store.  That was so cool.  We got to celebrate with a knuckle bone for each of us.  Thanks Roo and the Circus Team!  BTW, we think that the goal for the circus fund-raiser was reached too and that is fantastic.  You guys are swell in many ways.

Smooches from pooches,
BabyRocketDog and Hootie