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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sorry We've Been Out Of Commission...Blame Mom

First off, please beg my pardon. (This is me bowing, asking for your pardon.) The hoomans at our place have been a little side-tracked since the unfortunate deer incident and blogging has taken second fiddle to insurance wrangling. It still continues, but at least we convinced Mommy to get her priorities straight and get on the stick (to blog)!! In fact, some time next week she will actually get an attachment for her laptop that will bring internet to our cabin...We are soooo excited. She'll still take free wi-fi where she can, 'cuz she is quite thrifty by nature. (Dad wanted to get this for her a year ago but cheap, er, thrifty, Mom said no.)
Here is brother and me looking cute for the camera. We are in heaven being home again.
Is it me, or does Hootie look fat??

Here are a few close ups of him.
I don't know why he's smiling. He looks like a fat little tan & black sheep to me!

Well, we both need haircuts. Really, really badly!! Tomorrow Mommy will be taking us to our favorite groomer in the whole world, Miss Jody. It should be a long day, as we are pretty bushy and I (BRD) do not like to let Mom comb my hair soooo I am kind of ratty. Hootie's hair is much longer, but he likes to get his hairs brushed so he's not so bad.

We can hardly wait to get our internet connection so we can catch up on all of your bloggies. Sure hope you all are doing okay.

Smooches from,
BabyRocketDog (we left Hootie up at the cabin...howling. BOL!!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We're Doing Fine !

Daddy peeking in the window of our St. George hotel room at me.

Hootie saying hi to Daddy from the St. George Super 8.


Mountains around Ogden, Utah.

Snow on the road north of Dillon, Montana.

Clark Fork River south of Missoula, Montana.

Just a quick note to let all our friends know that we are doing fine. We got our rental car on Monday afternoon and dropped off our smashed car at a collision place for the insurance company to appraise. Sounds like it will be a total loss. Daddy and Mommy packed up the rental vehicle just before it started to rain---really hard. What good fortune! Then we drove from St. George to Ogden, Utah (337miles) and called it a day. Tuesday we drove 500 miles from Ogden to Missoula, Montana. Ran into lots of snow and rain. We are now about 215 miles away from home and are very excited to arrive there on Wednesday.

Thank you so much for all the good wishes, crossed paws and prayers. We love you guys!!


Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie
(also the humans,Pat and Cassie!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


As many of you know, we are/were heading North to our home in N.Idaho yesterday. Well,
about 630pm a deer ran out into the highway and hit our car. Did considerable damage, but only some nicks and cuts on Daddy and Mommy and we were okay. Glass, glass everywhere and our car was loaded to the hilt so it was a major mess...Anywhoooo, please send out some prayers for us. Besides frame damage to the car the 3 windows were broken out: windshield, drivers side
window and our back window drivers side. This all happened 20 miles south of Kanab, Utah. So we limped into Kanab and spent the night there. We need to get home to farrr North Idaho and Dad has reservations to fly out of Kalispell, Montana next Sunday (4/18)because of his job. Dad says because the windshield frame is bent it might not be so easy to just get a new one put in. Ugh!! Please, please, please put forth the power of the paw and pray for us to get this mess fixed.

We appreciate you guys and thanks in advance.
Smooches, BabyRocketDog and Hootie

PS- (230pm update)We are now in St. George, Utah because it's a larger city and they have more auto glass places than Kanab. Only problem is they are all closed now so can't even get an estimate. We have to stay at a hotel here for 2 days so someone can look at our car on Monday. Bummer. Sure hope Mommy can find a dog park. Last night after we checked int0 the hotel Hootie did his great escape and made Mommy cry 'cuz she thought he was a goner. Daddy found him so all's well that ends well.