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Sunday, August 12, 2018

I Have Some News!

Hi there! This is Hairy "Hootie" Houdini writing this post.  Mom & Dad and I all went to Salt Lake City in June and we adopted a new sister for me from SouthWest Airedale Terrier Rescue.  Her name is Jane (it was Cinder Ella) and she is 2 years old.  Okay, at first I wasn't real thrilled with her, because I had my peeps all to myself since BabyRocketDog died last November. But, we are getting along quite beautifully now.  She tends to get bossy with me and tries to drag me around by my harness or collar, but I always set her straight to let her know I am the Alpha in our little pecking order. Ha!  Size does NOT matter.  She is over twice my size, but my mighty Welsh growl scares her away from stealing my food or taking a toy that is in my space!

Okay, today we will use our old send-off:
Smooches from pooches,
Hootie and Jane