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Thursday, August 27, 2009

This and That...

Hootie and I got our hairs cut on Tuesday. Mommy asked Jody (our beautician) to cut all the hair off our bellies ‘cause we have been picking up cheat grass a lot lately in our romps. Anyway, Jody obliged and here are a few photos of our new doos.

Remember the big furry chaps that some of the cowboys used to wear?
Now look at Hootie. Anybody see a resemblance?

On Saturday Mommy took Hootie to the county fair and it happened that there was a small animal parade at that time. Well, she decided to see how Hootie would behave and it turns out he does tricks on command in front of an audience! He won $4.00 in half dollars and even got a participant ribbon. Since this was spur of the moment he didn’t have any of his cute outfits on. Too bad, because there was a BIG ribbon for the best dressed pet and hooman combination. Maybe next year our mommy will be better prepared. (Maybe not! C.)

That's all for now friends. Hope your week is going well.
Smooches from pooches,
Baby Rocket Dog

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hint for Norwood's Froggie Addiction!

Norwood, from Norwood Unleashed, was talking about his Frog addiction the other day. Well, Hootie also has a frog addiction and I decided to do something about it.

So, Hootie couldn't resist his froggie. But I, being the alpha dog around here, took it from him.

I guard it with my body to keep him from his frog addiction.

(Please try to ignore the hyena laughing in the background.)

Voila! Frog in disguise...Hootie'll never recognize him now!!

I hope this has helped all of those who care about their frog-addicted loved ones and wish to end the insanity. This is a public service announcement from your buddy,

Baby Rocket Dog ~ AireSmooches and Hugs

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another New Friend

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Mommy took me to visit Phil and Janice's Cairne Terrier, Ginger, last week. She was a cute little number. Seems to be a lot of Cairnes up here in farrr North Idaho.
Later friends! XOXO- Hootie The Wonder Dog (anybody remember Manfred??)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mommy Is Just Plain Not Computer Literate!

See our pretty new masthead?? Well, here's the problem: Mommy has no idea how to make the picture stretch across the top (like so many other blogs). She keeps trying and the words are too big and cover up our face, and the picture stays to one side of the screen. You might have noticed that the words keep changing. She went with XOXO 'cause it was small, but then our names weren't there. Oh a conundrum. What to do? If anyone has any bright ideas, we'd be forever grateful, as Mommy says she is at her wits end and we can not afford for her to loose any more wits.

XOXO- Hootie

ps-Speaking of wits, here is a video for you that our mommy made a while back. (Witty or half witty??) At least Mommy thinks she is funny...does anyone else get her strange sense of humor?? She seems to think that dogs have a sharper sense for these things! Please let us know what you think (here) on our comments. Thx.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wonderful Stuffie Fairy!

The wonderful Stuffie Fairy put my Conejo back together!! Hootie and I were playing tug of war with him and he broke. Auntie Maria sent him to me from California when I was a pup and he was one of my few stuffies that I did not destroy...I just carry him around and chew on him.I love him so much.

Anywhoooo, Conejo is whole once again! Thanks Stuffie Fairy. I love you.

Baby Rocket Dog

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BRD Junior Reporter, Canine Consumer Affairs Is Back!

Hi All! Baby Rocket Dog here. I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself, “What has happened to that insightful column by Baby Rocket Dog, Junior Reporter Consumer Affairs?” Well, I’m here to tell you I am back on the consumer hotline ready to report to you once again.

I will devote this column to a new item that my mommy bought for me called PORTION PACER by Omega Paw Inc.(a Canadian company). My PORTION PACER was purchased at the Pamida store in Libby Montana, but there is a website for this product too. (Just click here!) The reason I (apparently) need this item is that some hoomans think I gulp my food too fast. I, of course, don’t think that, as my reasoning is if I eat real fast then I can go steal Hootie’s food. The ad with the PORTION PACER says it “helps to prevent vomiting, choking and bloating“. Lovely…they are some of my favorite things!! Anyway, this strange ball that is the PORTION PACER has slowed my eating down quite a bit. I even stop and look up a few times when I eat my evening meal! Breakfast is so meager that it hardly matters.

So, I give the PORTION PACER a solid 5 Poochie Paws, my highest mark, because it really does what it says it will.

Until next time dear friends. This is your pal and Canine Junior Reporter Consumer Affairs, Baby Rocket Dog signing off.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Getting Pretty Hot Here In Farrr N. Idaho!!

Tuckered out me (above) and pooped out Hootie (below)

It was very hot here today. 95 degrees F. outside. The news said it was 100 degrees F. in Spokane, WA. That’s 30 degrees C. for you pups on the other side of the pond. Hot!!! The cabin even got up to 79 degrees F. on the main floor. Lucky for us, the basement bedroom has stayed at a comfortable 68 degrees F. Okay, enough of the weather report. Wanted to fill you in on the heat here, so you will understand the photos.
Being terriers we insisted on running around outside for a while. Mom had tossed the ball for me (BRD) around 630a.m. But, by 530p.m. I was in the mood for some more action, so Hootie and I took Mommy out front for a little romp. As you can see from the last video, we took off down the road and poor old Mommy had to go inside to get the whistle to call us back home. He he. I’m thinking there was a deer or some other critter that I caught wind of. Anywhooo, we are back home now and it’s time for a rest on the cool tiles. Have a lovely weekend friends!

Baby Rocket Dog