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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hootie Gives A Tour of The Condo Grounds

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We took lots of video footage of me walking around our condo common areas so I could show Agatha my Phoenix "stomping grounds". (She has agreed to attend a rodeo with me this summer--up in farrr N.Idaho!! Aroooo!!) Anyway, Mommy was afraid some of our dog bloggers might not be able to pull that much video up at once, so we decided to post the videos on our special events blog. If you would like to see the videos just click on this: Special Events and watch them! For now, I hope you enjoy the 2 collages I made of my walk about. I included shots of several different types of cactus and of course there is one of me watering one of the bushes. I try to help out the landscapers as much as possible. I also included a bougainvillea as the flowers are such a pretty color. I also enjoy eating them when they get dried out. yum. Signing off for now. It's getting late here & time for bed.
I hope to see you all at Myrna and Gilbert's wedding! WelshieHugs, Hootie

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

QQ & AA's With Baby Rocket Dog

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Good morning Dear Readers! Once again I am here with answers to many of your burning questions.

From a favorite fellow of mine comes the following:

April 5, 2009, 8:51AM, Hamish Westie says...Hi Baby. I think this post has confirmed, for all of us on the other side of the Pond, that our dear American cousins just haven't got the hang of football (soccer) yet. Perhaps I could come over and explain the rules?? Cheers! H.

Baby Rocket Dog: Darling H., I would like nothing better than for you to get your fuzz butt over here and explain the finer points of football. It is obvious that Hootie hasn't got the flick on it! While you are at it, perhaps you could enlighten us as to what is really under those kilts!

tula said... Oh nooooo...Baby Rocket & Hootie. huh, a toy that becomes a hat. how clevah! Love the look. Bet your mommie is so proud of you! For football season the same thing?
2 funny kiss kisses, tula

Baby Rocket Dog: Sweet Tula. This is an easy one to answer. NO (American) football at our hoomans house! Our Mommy finds it one of the dullest games in existence. We are baseball, basketball and soccer fans here. PLEASE dear readers, no feedback on our dislike of football. That plane has landed.

April 7,2009, 5:11PM, Mason Dixie said...
Do you have a cat around? or know a cat I am sure they could help you out if you paid them enough with treats. Look into it.and tigger could be yours once more =)

Baby Rocket Dog: We once had a cat named Chuck. Lovely to look at, but completely worthless as far as helping with anything. Mommy found his bell collar the other day and when the little bell tinkled I got all excited and was looking around for him. I guess I still have a special place in my heart for old Chuckie boy, even though he wasn't crazy for me and my puppy antics.Good qq Mason!

April 11, 2009, 5:36PM, Norwood Unleashed said... Still waiting for your trademark silly hats photo. Here's a question. How many outfits and hats do you have?

Baby Rocket Dog: Now you're talkin'!! First I'll inventory my outfits here in Phoenix (I still have some snow gear up in Idaho). I own a pink & plaid, reversible rain coat, a pink, lined winter wrap, a (fake) fur stole, what I call my Sonny Bono suede vest,a really cool Mexican beach cover up, 3 t-shirts with numbers or sayings on, of course my tierra, and I've lost count of my collars and bandannas! Now Hootie is the hat guy. He does have 2 winter coats, a pair of swim trunks,a polo shirt and a couple baseball shirts, but his sailor uniform is his favorite(it started out as a sailor dress but Mom modified it for him). He just got a sailor hat recently to add to his collection, making a total of 5 hats!

And here he is! TaaDaa!

What causes brake squeal? Oops, wait that goes with my Car Facts column! Never mind!!

So Dear Readers, I bid you a fond adieu for now. Hootie has prepared a "walk about" of our place here in Phoenix for his pup friend,Agatha, so stay tuned for that. Hope you have a lovely day!

AireSmooches & Hugs, BRD

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two Views~~~Same Mess & An Award!

Cassie here, Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie's human mommy. I'm taking over the post for a brief explanation of these pictures. We are trying to get some things ready for the trip to our cabin up north & I have them piled on the sofa in our extra bedroom. I had to go to the post office this afternoon and left BRD & Hootie home alone. An hour later I came home to THIS! Splenda, my favorite St. Dalfour's teabags, wrapping paper and even my electric piano headphones scattered all over the living room floor. These were all things I had in my pile to go up north. Many of the Splenda packets were broken open and several tea bags chewed up in their foil packaging. Both criminals got put in the lock-up for a short time. Neither appear remorseful. I guess I need to be less trusting of the little villains. Thanks for letting me vent.

Now, back to us! This award came to us from our new, Scottish buddies, the Dughallmor Beagles. Thanks so much for thinking of us. "Comprovado! Seu blog tem nectar" is Portuguese for "Proven! This (it's) blog has nectar." How sweet! We would like to pass this on to these doglettes: Scruffy, Stanley and Lacie ~ the holy terriers from S,S & L's Place, an Arizona gal Ruby Red Dog of A Red Dog in the Red Rocks, Charlie from Cotton Candy Clouds, Miley & Mariah of the High Kountry Airedales Pack, and Pedro the rock hound of Vote For Pedro. Congrats buddies! Your blogs have nectar!!

Smooches from pooches,
Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Cool Awards To Pass On

Checkers the Peek-a-Poo has given us two really cool awards and we are honored. They are the Proximidade Award and the Neno's Award. Thank you so much for thinking of us when you are in such poor health Checkers. You are a real sweetie and so selfless. If our friends here haven't gone over to Checker's blog, please give it a peek(a-poo!!). Thanks Checkers, we posted a thank you on the sidebar for you! Check it out.

Here are the write-ups on these awards:

This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this clever-written text into the body of their award. (All this prize requires is to pass it on!)

Neno's Award: ~As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

~To seek the reason why we all love blogging.

~Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.

~Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

~Answer the Award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

~Tag and distribute the Award to as many people as you like.

~ Remember to notify the awardees and put their links in your post.

Hootie: Okey dokey. The reason I love blogging is that it keeps me off the streets. No, not really, cuz I was never really on the streets. Well, once, but that's for another post. Back on subject. I love blogging because it lets me interact with others from other walks of life. Whether getting to take a virtual tour through a park or museum in Europe or sharing a hot dog with a new friend at a sidewalk cafe' in Portland, it makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself. Yes pups, I am a deep, deep doggy!!

Baby Rocket Dog: Oh my, Hootie is a real little philosopher! My turn. I love blogging because it lets me express my thoughts and share them with others. Not that they are all that deep, but it's just a lot of fun.

We're going to try to find some doglettes that haven't yet received these awards. SO, here are our awardees: Amy, Betty and Hersey from Unglazed, Opy the Original Gruff Puppy, Marvin The Hollow Hound, Hamish the Westie, Hamish (the Airepup!),Tinkerbell,Oscar and Tucker at You Had Me At Arf!, Noah and the girls from Noah's Bark, Sally from across the pond, the famous (they have over 500 followers!!)Sola, Nigel and Fudgepants at Life With Dogs, the 4 sweeties at Rocky Creek Scotties , and lastly Molly and Taffy our British doppelgangers. Congratulations to you all! Don't forget to visit everyone's blog.

Toodles for now,

Hootie & Baby Rocket Dog

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blingee for Fergi...

Princess Fergi

A wish for our new friend Fergi's special BarkDay at her forever home!
Here's some Blingee for your 9th B-Day!!
Click here to go to Fergi and Jakes blog to wish her a happy B-Day.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Life Is Grand and Pink Roses...

Our sweet little buddy, Vodka, gave us these 2 awards a few weeks ago and our Mommy failed to post them or pass them on. So, without further delay,here are our new awards. Ta Da...

These beautiful pink roses were the first award and they "are given to friends, to bring a sweet and fruitful day. Those who receive these roses as a gift need to pass them on to 10 friends to show them you care. And of course, for those who received the roses, that is to show that you'll never be forgotten."

Our other award given to us by Vodka is the Life Is Grand Award. For this one, we have to list 5 reasons that life is grand, acknowledge the giver by linking to their blog, then pass it on to 5 others.

Well friends, life is grand for many reasons, not the least of them being:

#1 - We are dogs! What could be better?

#2 - We have lots of stuffies to play with. Two toy bins full!

#3 - Our Mommy gives us wonderful bones to chew on.

#4 - We get to run and play with other dogs at the dog park.

#5 - We are LOVED!! Our hooman Mommy & Daddy give us kisses all the time.

THANK YOU VODKA!! We sure appreciate you passing these awards on to us.

NOW, Hootie is known as a little rebel in these parts, so he has decided to combine the 2 awards and give them both to 7 pooches instead of 5 or 10.

We would like to pass the Pink Roses & the Life Is Grand Award on to all the following sweeties: A new kid on the block, Penny the Westie, Miro and Alanis from The Farmhouse, Scruff of The Adventures of Scruff The Wonderdog, Petey of Petey's Playhouse, Miss Ruby from The Rubydale Times, Digsby from Awfully Big Digsby MacFeegle, and last, but not least, Bentley from Houston,Texas. We know these awards have been going around, so we hope we haven't chosen someone who already has gotten them. We sure enjoy reading everyone's blog so hope that eventually all the dogs with blogs will get these awards. Congrats to all.

Please click on the different pups names above to go visit their blogs. They are swell canines!!

Lots of AireSmooches and WelshieHugs,

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our God-brother, Ian and His Dog-brother, Finn!

Meet Finn. He is our god-brother, Ian's 5 1/2 month old Bernese Mountain Dog. Finn is in Arizona at the moment, but he will be traveling between California and NY State with his parents. He is around 4 months old in this picture. There are more photos of him at different ages at the bottom of this post. Isn't he a beautiful boy?!

Mommy & Daddy's godson, Ian, was home from his boarding school in England. (He goes to Harrow.) It was the first time that Hootie got to meet him, but did Mommy get a picture of the Hoots climbing all over him and being obnoxious?? Noooooo. She only took a couple dog & boy photos and they were ME & Ian. Silly bi-ped. We did get a nifty video of us playing tug of war while Ian sat in the background though. Of course, we're the stars of that video. ;<)

This is Finn when he was 8 weeks old. The hooman holding him is Ians's pop,Rick.

This is Fin again. He's still a very young pup here too.

And this is the Finnster with Kate, Ian's Mom, at 5 1/2 months! He already weighs in at 60 pounds (that's 27.2kg Faya!!).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

QQ & AA's With Baby Rocket Dog

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Good Morning Dear Readers! Today's blog will be dedicated to answering a few questions that have come to us in the past few months. We have been remiss in answering them, to be frank, because our mommy is our secretary and she has been bit by Spring fever and become lazy. And that's the truth. We will only be addressing 4 qq today and save some others for another installment of Answers by Baby Rocket Dog, Junior Reporter & Consumer Affairs Advocate.

A while back during one of the many times that Hootie was incarcerated NORWOOD UNLEASHED said...
Oh no Hootie. What is going on over it spring fevah too? Do you need bail? I get post it for you?I don't think stripes will look good on you. Let's get you out.

Baby Rocket Dog: So nice of you to volunteer bail Norwood, but Hootie has been in and out of the clink so many times he now has a revolving credit account set up! You're right about the stripes...That's why he isn't a NY Yankees fan. {{Go Diamondbacks!!}}

Then the following came after the Spring Fling contest from Butchy and Snickers: Congrats to all of the winners! Hootie you are so silly.Doesn't your Mama know that you need to taste test all treats & toys before mailing?? Luv & Wirey Hugs,Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

Baby Rocket Dog: Mom is an older parent and needs to be reminded of this stuff. If you could just drop her a note or come by now and then to make sure she's remembered to feed us it would be much appreciated.

Our look-a-like Airedale/Welshie team from Switzerland, Faya said...
Hahahahaha I love the way you play ! ...uuuhh in fact we are playing the same way...I have a question : is Hootie a big welsh or are you Baby a small airedale ? It looks like there is more difference between Dyos and I (I am a big airedale...) ?Kisses, Faya April 4th,2009

Baby Rocket Dog: Great question Faya! We notice that in some of the pictures Hoots looks bigger than he actually is. Here are our stats: Hootie weighs in at 22.3 pounds (aprox. 10kg) and is 17" high (43cm)at his shoulders. I weigh a ladylike 57 pounds (25.8kg)and am 25" high (63.5cm) at the shoulders. Now we would like to know what your stats are too! We went first, it's your turn.

And finally, back in March Moco said... Are the two of you cute, cute, cute or what?

Baby Rocket Dog: We have to answer that with the affirmative. YES, we try our best!!

And that, Dear Readers, completes this installment of "Answers by Baby Rocket Dog".
AireSmooches and Hugs, BRD

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers...

Baby Rocket Dog, Tigger, & Hootie

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You see my latest dilemma?

Ciao for now buddies, Hootie

Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Rocket Dog Is Sick & A Short Book Review!

Baby Rocket Dog has been "sick as a dog" today. Both ends. It wasn't pretty. I just have a little stomach upset. But poor Baby, she had a case of the back door trots most of the day. When Daddy got home from work & took her to the dog park, she threw up twice to and from the dog park. Mom says this is what happens when a pup ingests almost 2 pounds of dog biscuits in a sitting. (We broke into a jumbo box of large Vita Bones when they were out last evening.) Lucky for me I don't have a touchy stomach like Baby does. She should know better by now, wouldn't you think?!

Our friend Bridget lent Mommy the book "Dog Heaven" the other day. When her boy Mack went to the Rainbow Bridge a good friend of hers gave her this book as a gift. It is a really good book and I think it should be required reading for all pups and their hoomans.

Now, I'm hoping that BabyRD isn't on her last legs, but it was still good for her to read this book, just in case.
Toodles, Hootie

We've Been Tagged

Hootie and I have been tagged by both Chase the Puggle and by Clive (blogdog) to tell 5 random things about ourselves. Check out both of their blogs if you haven't already. (Just click on their names here.)

  1. BabyRD: Okay, I admit it, I have a few phobias. Mainly heating grates/vents really freak me out. If my ball rolls onto one I can not bring myself to get it. Lucky for me Hootie isn't afraid of anything, so he'll get my ball from the scary vent for me. Sometimes it's handy to have a Hootieboy around.
  2. Hootie: I knew that Baby Rocket Dog was going to be my mentor from the moment that we met. She walked around my yard like I didn't even exist, but I followed her around imitating her every move. I knew that one day she would accept me as her little brother, and she has!
  3. BRD: I hate to have my hairs brushed. Pet me, cuddle me, tickle me, but don't try to comb my hair without a battle. I am good at the groomer though. Only a pip for Daddy and Mommy.
  4. H: I make Mommy or Daddy get up at least 3 times a night to take me out. Like tonight, I've already had 4 false alarms and it's just a bit after midnight. he he. It's fun to have them at my beck and call. I'm good at this.
  5. BRD: I sometimes let Hootie play with my toys. I have been accused of being stingy, but I have my generous moments.
  6. Here's a bonus for ya: Both of us ate over 28 ounces of large Vita Bones tonight while our hoomans were gone. We ate right through the box and went to town on those bisquits! Mommy and Dad didn't even scold us 'cuz we looked so fat and happy...Mommy said it was their own fault for leaving the box where we could get at it. he he.

Well, that's it for now. We're getting sleepy so will go off to bed now. ZZzzzzzzzzz

Friday, April 3, 2009

It Was Fun While It Lasted...

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See what Mommy bought us today?See the fun we had with it?
Look Stella, I'm a soccer star!! XX-Hootie