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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flat Brutus At The Rodie-Odie-O!!

Can you believe that Mommy took Flat Brutus to the Kootenai River Rodeo and left US at home?! Oh well, he told us all about it when they got home. He got to ride with the beautiful Rodeo Queen. And when it was almost over our mama roped 2 cowpokes into holding him!! (She didn't really rope them!) Don't they look excited to be holding him? BOL!! We get to have Flat Brutus for a few more days so our daddy can meet him too. Maybe we'll get some shots of him in Coeur d'Alene,Idaho and Spokane, Washington too.

Ciao for now,

Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie

PS-Thank you friends for your concern about Hootie being stung by those 8 nasty bees. He was a canine statue after it first happened...really strange...apparently he was in shock. The Benadryl helped, as he was his normal, bouncy self the next day and we canceled his vet appt.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Flat Brutus Has Arrived ~ Yippee!!

Flat Brutus was so sleepy when he arrived in farr N. Idaho.
It stays light here until so late that Mama had to make Brutus a sleep mask.
He then made himself comfortable on one of Baby's beds!
Baby Rocket Dog was a bit suspicious of Flat Brutus after he took over her bed.

I, Hootie, let Flat Brutus lay down next to me. We have become great friends!
These are some photos of Flat Brutus at The Taste of Sandpoint Festival
Here is Flat Brutus at Maps & More in Sandpoint.
Flat Brutus went to visit the Litehouse Blue Cheese Factory
& look what Miss Bonnie recommended he try!!

Here is Mommy with Flat Brutus next to an Emergency Snow Route sign...
AND below it they are selling Hawaiian shirts!!

We are so excited to have Flat Brutus visiting us from Ohio. Mommy said he must accompany her where ever she goes for the next week. We sure hope we get to go with him too. To get to 3D Brutus's bloggie just click on the World Tour photo on our sidebar. His mommy, Michelle, is donating to French Bulldog Rescue for each stop Flat Brutus makes. More info later.
Lots of Welshie Love,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun Run In The Woods

Hey pals! Mommy & I went for a little hike in our woods today. It was soooo much fun. Especially because she let me run off leash. We went all around our property & Mom picked wildflowers as I zoomed all over the place. Boy was I bushed when we got home!! We left Hootie at home and he was not very pleased about that, but Mommy was afraid the 2 of us off leash would not be a very smart idea. He’ll get his day in the sun…Speaking of which, the SUN is out today! We’ve had over a month of mostly rain. A few days of sun have been sprinkled in between, but really a lot of rain. So, it was great getting to go out and runnnn like the wind ~ That's where I got my name from, ya know: Baby Rocket Dog!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

So Miss Moose Has Been Coming 'Round...

Miss Moose likes to munch on all the nice tender growth on our trees. Mommy was talking to Asta's mama online when we went crazy. Hootie was outside and was barking up a storm and Miss Moose totally ignored him. She just kept munching! I was inside barking. When Miss Moose left Mommy let me out on a lead. Well, I decided to try my now famous lunge and dash and once again broke another collar. Mom said this is getting old. Hmmmm. Not sure if she'll try to fix this one.
Lots of AireSmooches, Baby Rocket Dog

Here's the live, action shot!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's Try This Again!! OuterSpace ~ George & How to Jump

We were visiting Bogart Handsome Devil's blog today and he and his mommy, Miss Lulu, showed a picture that they are having sent into outer space on the Discovery space shuttle in September. It was such a cool post and we wanted to join them flying into outer space, so we went to the site and signed on too. Unfortunately our mommy failed to make a copy of our blast off photo. Not sure if it's lost forever, but at least we were confirmed that we'll be up there with Bogie, Lulu and who knows who else. All the info is over at Bogie's blog if your interested. It is soooo cool!!

Also, we met a new fellow Welshie today. His name is George and he is adorable, as all Welshies are! He's pretty new to the blogusphere so let's show him a friendly welcome! He'd probably appreciate meeting some of you awesome pooches.

Finally, as you know, Hootie went to obedience class with 2 main goals. 1-Learning to stop jumping up on everyone and 2-to stop pulling when on leash. He is still practicing to heel and mommy will continue to work with him with yummy treats. As far as the jumping, here is what Mikkel has Mommy doing: When Hootie jumps on her she says, "Oh no,too bad" and then gives him a time out by putting him in the bathroom for 30 seconds. Then when she goes to get him out she first makes him sit, then gives him his release words,"that will do." He has caught on & sometimes runs away as soon as he hears "Oh no". Smart guy!! Anyway, now we have to show you a new trick that Hootie's trainer, Mikkel, taught him. She told mommy that some dogs just like to jump. So, to encourage orchestrated jumping, as apposed to unwanted jumping up on a person as a "greeting" she taught Hootie how to do "The Shamu". Mommy taught me (BabyRD) how to do it in 3 (YeS 3!) tries. Enjoy the following videos buddies & please try to ignore Mom's slob outfit...Keep On Truckin'?? Puhleeze Mommy! Ah well, a product of the 60's. sigh.

love, Baby Rocket Dog

Hootie doing The Shamu

Baby Rocket Dog doing The Shamu

And the coup de grâce: The Double Shamu

Friday, June 4, 2010

Obedience Class Photos

Holy cow! You can actually see my eyes in these photos. Do you like my big browns?!

This is my diploma. Cool, huh?

This is Mikkel Becker Shannon, our fearless leader/trainer!
If you click on Mikkel's name it will take you to a page with her bio. Hers is 2nd on the page.

This is one of the "pup cakes" that Mikkel's mama, Teresa, baked especially for our obedience class graduation. We brought this one home to share with sissy, since she didn't get to attend.
The little bone had the word "DOGTOIDS" printed on it!! (Mommy couldn't get it to show.)
BTW, Teresa was our photographer today while we ran through our paces.

This is me, Hootie, demonstrating a sit/stay/watch me.

Here I am doing a heel/watch me. Looks perfect, eigh??

Here I am again, doing a heel.

This is Molly & her hooman man

Ryleigh and her girl, Michelle.

Me with Mommy doing a sit/stay. Willie directly in background with his hooman, Lex.
Fiona and her mama---I don't think Fiona was following teacher's instructions. BOL!

Baby Rocket Dog insisted that I include a photo of her obeying Daddy.

We want to send out a big "Thank You" to Mikkel for teaching me to be a better pooch. I hope to make her proud of me. Also "Thanks" to the really cool board ladies from Second Chance Animal Shelter who acted as aides during all the classes. And lastly, "Thank You" to Dr. Marty & Teresa Becker for raising such a cool hooman lady. I'd LoVe to jump up on her and give her sloppy kisses, but I'm learning not to jump up on hoomans anymore, soooo I'll just send her a virtual hug & smoochie:

Sure hope you have enjoyed this little peek into my final obedience class. Later on I'll post more pictures that Mommy & Daddy took the 2 previous weeks, and also Teresa's recipe for the healthy pupcakes.

Sending lots of Welshie love to all my buddies,

ps-Did you notice that I dressed up in my finest Welsh flag kerchief that Eric got me?? Snazzy.