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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Prescott Arizona Snow Day

Hello friends! Today the folks took Hootie and me up to *Prescott to play in the snow. We went to meet up with the Dales & Friends group that I belong to but Mommy was driving and somehow missed the turn off. Well, we went about 10 miles further than we needed to go, but ended up at a much higher elevation where there was a ton of snow. In fact, we went as far as our 4wheel drive Subaru would take us. We just stopped the car on the road (there was no one else for miles around) and got out and walked around. The snow was deep, but had a crust over the top so we were like wonder dogs---walking on top of the snow! Occasionally Mommy or Daddy would break through then be up to their knees in snow. Funny! So, the photos on this post are from our misguided adventure before we found our Dales & Friends group.

These first photos are Dad telling me to #1 - SIT, then #2 - SHAKE, but he forgot to tell me which paw he wanted me to shake with!! So he asked me again and I switched paws (I am ambidextrous) and that is photo #3. I entered that in the Mango Minster sanctioned Training Competition. (Click here to get to Niamh's blog to learn more.) I actually do a mean "bang bang" but Mommy has never taken a photo of me doing it. Maybe next year. Speaking of Mango Minster, don't forget to vote. The Cat-Dog category has already been voted on, but there are several others still to come. Today is the hound competition. You can get there by clicking on the Mango Minster Logo on our sidebar. Hootie and I are entered in the Terriers competition if you would like to vote for (ME) either one of us (ME).

It turned out that Dales & Friends were at a place much easier to access but we did get with them and played for about an hour. We'll post some meetup pictures later on.
Hope your weekend has been as fun as ours.

Baby Rocket Dog
*Prescott, Arizona is about 100 miles north of Phoenix and as you can see, has a much different climate than Phx.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting To Eat Out With The Folks ~ San Gabriel Cafe' & The Outer Clove

The folks take us for walks along the canals here in Phoenix and 2 Sundays in a row, after our nice long walk they've stopped to have a bite at the San Gabriel Mexican Cafe'. Mommy was all happy 'cuz they were in time for happy hour. Strange to me that she needs a restaurant to tell her when to be happy. Anyway, we like this cafe' very much because we don't have to stay in the car or at home while the folks eat out. We can't go inside (something to do with health regulations) but we can stay on the sidewalk.
Here are Hootie and I outside the "outdoor seating" at the yummy San Gabriel Mexican Cafe'.

This sign on the outside wall says Corona Street, but it was really 16th Street. Silly bi-peds don't even know where they are!!

Now, if you look very closely you can see my eye peeking through the railing. You see, there are yummy homemade corn chips on the table and Mommy would slip some to Hootie & me because we were so well behaved. She also gave us regular dog treats, but the chips were our favorite.

Here is Mommy slipping us some chips. Good Mommy.

Boy does that look good Dad. Sure wish you'd slip me some of that burrito! Notice Daddy is drinking a soda pop. He didn't want to be as happy as Mommy was I guess.
Almost forgot the best part. Mom ordered a caramel flan to share but forgot she didn't like flan (if you can imagine that!). SO, we got to share most of it with Daddy. Yum! It sure was happy hour!!

Now I am taking you to a whole other country in these last 4 photos. They are from last summer when we all went to Canada. Remember the ferry ride we got to take? Well, after we got off the ferry and before we went to the Ainesworth Hot Springs, we went to Nelson to one of our favorite eateries the Outer Clove. It is a garlic restaurant with garlic in everything on the menu, including the dessert. (Similar to the Stinking Rose in San Francisco, but not near as fancy.) Of course, we had to stay outside there too.

There was a funky import shop next door so we got to help greet all the shoppers. Hootie left some pee mail on the tree/sidewalk so Mommy had to dump a few glasses on water on it to make it go away...Uptight much Ma??

There's cool as a moose Daddy with the waitress.

That waitress was really nice. She told us that there was some kind of weird law in the city of Nelson, BC, Canada that says "No Dogs On Sidewalks". But that law was written a long time ago when the town was flooded with Hippies. The Hippies all each had a dog and the local merchants really didn't mind the dogs so much, but really didn't want the Hippies loitering around, so made the law. Well, Nelson doesn't have any Hippies anymore (does anyone?) but they never took the law off the books. She said lots of people tie their pooches up to the tree or railings and no one seems to care. The police station was just a few steps away up the street so our mommy felt her paranoia justified. I was surprised she didn't grab a scrub brush to clean up Hootie's pee mail!

Well friends, that's the end of our restaurant hop. Hope you enjoyed it. We know that Asta goes out to eat all the time with her folks. Does anyone else have any food trips to tell us about? Would love to hear about them.
Baby Rocket Dog

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Rocket Dog & The Moth

Up in Idaho last Summer I found this moth particularly fascinating. Apparently mommy found me watching this moth particularly fascinating!

XX- Baby Rocket Dog

Monday, January 18, 2010

Everlasting Treats ~ Another Consumer Report

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Hello dear friends!

This is my latest consumer report on a treat that Hootie and I have enjoyed. This item is called Everlasting Treats by Star Mark. Our Mom was complaining that I gobble down Greenies and other such tasty treats within seconds (yes, seconds!) of receiving them and a friend suggested getting me an Everlasting Treat ball. She said it takes a long time for a pooch to get the treat out of the ball. Well, I can get the treat out of the ball in the blink of an eye! But, once I get the treat I have to do a lot of chewing to finish off the treat which is very hard, so Mommy is pleased with this and so am I. It takes Hootie a bit longer to get the treat out of the ball, but it is my ball, so it is kind of large for his little Welshie mouth. The balls & treats do come in 3 different sizes, depending on the size of the pooch. Also, the ball can actually hold 2 treats at a time, but we have never tried it that way...The treats are quite expensive so she doles them out sparingly. hehe.

We purchased our ET ball and refills at our Co-Op store in Idaho, but we checked, and you can 'google it' and find plenty of places to purchase the Everlasting Treats ball on line.

So, to conclude, I give the Everlasting Treat system a good solid 4/5 rating. The only reason it's not a 5/5 is because I do get it out of the ball quite quickly and the refill treats could be a bit less costly.

Thank you for stopping by. If you would like to review any of my past consumer reports or Q & A's, just put the word "consumer" in the top lefthand corner of our blog and it will recall them. Have a good week pals!

Your Canine Consumer Reporter,
Baby Rocket Dog

Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Isn't Picture Perfect!!

We have been searching for a good picture of Baby Rocket Dog for Mango Minster for days...And guess what?! We can not find one worthy photo!! No kidding. It's a little after 4 a.m. here and Mommy hasn't gone to sleep yet. She says it's because she drank caffeinated tea last evening, but I think it's 'cuz she is worried that she won't get Baby entered in Mango Minster. She has been snapping photographs of Baby like crazy and ZIP, ZILCH, NADA ... Not one good picture. Guess I'm the only photogenic one in this family. haha. Well, the folks are gonna try with a photo shoot again today. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I will leave you with a photo that I feel is BabyRD's best side:

AHahahahahahahahahahahha. Later bloggie buddies!
Smooches, Hootie

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Talk To The Animals!

How do a pig, a duck, a monkey and an owl say "Happy Birthday?"

Dr. Dolittle would have known. And his creator, Hugh Lofting, born on this date in 1886, would have been able to put the words into the animals' mouths. Lofting was a soldier in World War I and, tired of the horrors and tedium of war, wrote letters to his children filled with tales of a kindly English veterinarian who could communicate verbally with his animal patients. The stories evolved into a series of books, the second of which, The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle, won a Newberry Medal.

The above, including picture, were taken from . If Mr. Lofting were alive today we would give him big, sloppy kisses for writing such wonderful, lifelike books!! If you've never read the original Dr. Dolittle books, we suggest you go to your local library and check them out. They are a terrific read!

Smooches from pooches,
BabyRocketDog and Hootie

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cassie Here --- Borrowing the Pooches Post!

The two poodles above were in front of the Hallmark Store in Sandpoint this summer. They were just lolling around as if wearing shades and hats was a normal thing. I didn't have my camera on me so I asked a lady with a camera who was passing by if she could capture the image for me. She said, "Sure" and I gave her my email address so she could send them to me. I wish I had saved her name so I could give her credit for the pics.

This bottom cartoon is one I clipped from the Sunday magazine (a while back too). It cracked me up because I'm always saying that Baby is a hypochondriac because she is always so eager to get her morning fish oil pill! I had forgotten all about the cartoon until I read Fozzie's blog today. Poor little guy is an Airepup with a broken leg, so has to wear "the cone of shame". Stop by if you get a chance to view his new blog. Ask to sign his cast! That's all from the human sector. X-C.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sleepy Time Accoutrements For Hootie

This is Hootie sleeping on folk's bed. He was so tired after running around looking for trouble at the dog park yesterday.
He saw Dad using this "Relax Be Happy" neck thing for resting and decided to try it.

Then, he noticed that our mom's cell phone cover was a FROG so he confiscated that to cuddle up with. It wasn't stuffed though, so he decided to give it back.

Finally, like in the story of The Three Bears he found something that was just right.

It was Mommy's Algy bear (from the early 50's!!). Algy is very snuggly and loves to sleep so it was a perfect match.

Now, Hootie isn't allowed to play with Algy, because he's one of Mommy's favorite stuffies. But, she will allow him to sleep with him on occasion.

So long for now. Smooches, Baby Rocket Dog

ps-For those who asked, my tooth visit to Dr. Hall went very well. He filed down the lower canine that was giving me some trouble and only a very mild anesthesia was administered. Also, we arrived in Phoenix on Monday night so now we are living the cloistered life of condo dogs. AND lastly has anyone else had a comment in Chinese from a nasty website? Mommy deleted it from our comments, but was a bit upset that someone would do that. She wants to keep our blog open to all, so hasn't put any restrictions on at this time. We hope it doesn't come to that.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to Christmas

Here are some photos of our Christmas dessert. Yummy pumpkin pie with whipped cream! The reason there is only a photo of Hootie eating his is that I gobbled mine so quickly Mommy couldn't catch it. hehe. Oh sweet memories of Christmas!
Hope you're all having a great week.
Baby Rocket Dog

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great post on Paw Nation!

Click here to see this Great post on Paw Nation!

This is absolutely amazing. There is a 6 sec. Downy commercial before the actual video, but it's worth waiting for. We hope this Golden Retriever gets some sort of medal for protecting his boy in such a courageous manner. Way to go Angel!! We think you are a Super Hero!

Mega Smooches from pooches,
Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Last Idaho Snow Fling & On The Road Again

These first four photos are some action shots from January 1st, our last day to run and play at our cabin in farrr North Idaho. We had no idea we'd be stuck in a car just a day after having all this fresh air and romp time. Sure glad we got to spend at least part of the winter in a nice, snowy place with fresh air!
Well, we are in Montana for the night. Another exciting road trip down to Phoenix with the folks. It's 1500 miles so our mommy and daddy take about 3 days to make the trip. Mommy can't drive at night and daddy is the main driver, so we spend the night in dog friendly hotels. So far at least we've only had some light snow and rain...unlike the blizzards we have faced in the past. The photo above is what the highway has looked like so far.
Hootie has already gotten into trouble twice today. Really bad trouble. We had to stop at a place called Rocker, Montana so Mommy could use the restroom. So, while she did her thing Daddy took us out on our leashes. What Dad didn't know was that he had Hootie's leash hooked onto his rabies and ID tags. When this towndog came running by Hootie broke loose and ran off to play with him. About that time Mom came out of McDonald's and heard Dad yelling "Hootie, Hootie" at the top of his lungs. Mom went running after Hootie (with no coat on in 20degree F. temps!), calling him and running like a crazed old lady. Hootie totally ignored both of the hoomans. He did not even turn around to see who was calling his name!! The towndog started barking at Mommy when she got close to them and she wasn't even scared! She just kept running after Hootie. Through a trailer court, then into another neighborhood. Hoot ran behind this big house with Mommy in hot pursuit. The people in the house turned their outside lights on as she chased after him. By this time Daddy had caught up with them with the car and he handed Mom some treats. Well, to shorten this story a bit, she held out her hand with the treat and grabbed the little renegade when he fell for the bait! She was all mad at Pops and couldn't figure out how he could let Hootie come unhooked. Dad said she should have been mad at a dog that doesn't come when called. After we checked into our hotel tonight she saw what had happened:

Right now Hootie has NO identification on his collar. He had 3 tags on before the incident. One was his Rabies tag, one was this very cool Welsh flag with his name and phone# (buddies Molly & Taffy turned him on to that) and the last was a tag he got for Christmas that said "I hate cats". Yes, Hootie is a pooch without ID. To add insult to injury, after we arrived at the hotel Mom was taking me out for a walk and the little stupe squeezed out the door and ran off again!! Dad grabbed some treats and once again Mommy lured him with one. I think our mom needs to get her heart checked when we get to Phoenix 'cuz she was holding her chest after the last Hootie episode. He shows NO remorse whatsoever. For the time being I'm the favored pooch!! hehe.

More later buddies! Smooches, Baby Rocket Dog