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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good News & Our Memorial Day Pics

 This is me and Hootie with our mommy and her good friend, Candace.
Here we are again with Mommy and Candace's husband, Dawson.

Note from the mommy, Cassie:
Good news: Baby Rocket Dog's biopsies came back and they were not tumors OR fatty deposits. Turns out the one was a necrosis (a mass of dead tissue/cells) caused by a *traumatic injury. The other was the result of the necrosis...a giant lymph node coping with it. Because it is STILL draining, the drains have to stay in another week. She is home now, as the drainage isn't as bad as it was. She is still confined to the mud room, but happy to be able to go for walks with me and be home I think. Thank you for all who prayed for her and sent good wishes.

Now, back to me, Baby Rocket Dog!  These photos were taken before my surgery...happier days. The top one was taken by Hootie's favorite man-friend, Dawson and the other was taken by Mommy's buddy, Candace.  

I was glad to get back home, but not very thrilled to be confined to the mudroom.  Mom let me into the main cabin when I first got home and I immediately wanted to rub myself all over the carpets.  Oops. That wasn't a good move, 'cause she said I was still draining.  Draining!!  Sheesh, I'm not a bathtub or a sink.  Anyway, I'm actually being a very good girl. I have an odd smell about me from the fluids still coming out of me (that's what Mom, aka the Nose says). I have 6 new t-shirts that I have to wear all the time and I get to have them changed at least 3 times a day. I HATE that. Oh joy!  Hootie is very happy that I'm home also, but is sad that we can't play togethers.  Sometimes he sits outside the mudroom door and cries for me.  It's a Dutch door, so I can still get to hear what is going on in the rest of the cabin.  Anywhooo, thank you all so much for your love, crossed paws, concern and prayers.  NOW, I need to get visiting all your blogs to see what's going on in blogville.

Baby Rocket Dog

*We figured that the traumatic injury must have been from when she runs into trees when fetching her ball. She really plows into things when on the ball quest, and that is the only thing we could think of that would be a traumatic injury. She has never been hit by a car or anything like that.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Still Waiting...

 Here I am waiting for my sister, BabyRocket Dog, to come home.
 And waiting.
And still waiting.

Well, those drains that they put into Baby Rocket Dog are letting out lots of fluid.  Looks like blood, but the vet said it's a mixture and just trying to fill the void that the tumors made.  She has been staying at the vets because all the blood & the smell of blood made Mom sick.  Really.  She couldn't keep her cookies down. Ugh.  There still is no word from the University Of Washington about the biopsies.  Mom went to change Baby's shirt and walk her today. They were so happy to see each other.  BabyRD's cubical  had been washed once already in the morning, but she cleaned it again, and again, Mom got sick.  Dr. Hall said that he had been trying to figure out how he could bandage her wounds, but because of where they are located it is difficult.  I guess I'll have to be an only "child" for a bit longer.  Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. We appreciate them so much.