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Friday, May 29, 2009

Lookie, Lookie What I Found!!!

Can you make out what I have in my mouth? Read on for the story...

Baby Rocket Dog and I are having a blast now that we are back in North Idaho. All we have to do is stand at the door and Mommy lets us outside to run around. What could be better?

I must tell you about this strange little thing I found in the woods on Monday. I was so proud of myself, having made this most excellent find. I came out of the woods to show it to my mom and daddy and Mommy said, "Hootie has something in his mouth!" Well, this is not unusual for me, as I have been very busy unearthing rawhide chews that Baby & I hid in the woods last year. Mom & Daddy always take them away from me. Something about them being black, slimy and moldy (just the way I like 'em!) and then they throw them in the trash!! Can you imagine? Anyway, back to my story. Mommy ran into the cabin to get her camera and started calling me to come to her and of course I wouldn't, cause I figured this was yet another thingy she would take away from me. Here's the video for you to see for yourself. (You might wish to turn down the volume, as she is screeching like a banshee at me.)

Great find huh? They tricked me into getting in the car, so I dropped the bun-bun on the seat and Dad grabbed me & Mommy got the bunny. Well, I got to go for a ride in the car with the snowshoe bunny over to one of the folk's friends house. This Jim guy is what my mom calls "nature man" and she knew he'd know what to do with the bunny. (NOW, I knew what to do with him, but they didn't quite like my idea.) Jim and his wife have 2 little bipeds and they said they'll take good care of the bunny so he can fend for himself and then they'll let him go in their woods. I wanted to play with him some more, but the folks figured he'd be better off a few miles away from me. Go figure. Meanwhile, BabyRD was the perfect angel, not getting into any trouble. PPffffffffttttt!!

I think Aggie will be proud of what a fine earth dog I am... and I haven't even been trained!! Well, I better go see what kind of mischief awaits me now.

Welshie Smooches, Hootie

ps-Baby will tell you about the Memorial Day parade and our friend, Rachel the chocolate Lab at a later date.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Critters We Saw On Our Trip From Arizona To Idaho

Our Mom likes to say something is "cool as a moose". This fellow was upsome cool!!

We saw all kinds of critters on our journey from Arizona to North Idaho. Mommy actually got a few good photos of them along the way too. The Bull Moose in the pics is just getting his new antlers. They shed them in the Spring and start a whole new set. Who knows how large they will grow?! The Big Horn Sheep were right along side of the road and seemed quite unaffected by our barking at them. We are not very well behaved when we see new animals...we love to bark to let them know we see them. Both the moose and sheep were in Montana. The American Bison, also known as Buffalo, were in Wyoming. There are Bison here in N.Idaho too, at a ranch near the Canadian border. Maybe we'll get to bark at them sometime soon.

Now, for the surprise we got in Colorado. Mary's husband Jim bagged this 4 point buck (his name is Ralph) a few years ago and they decided to give it to us for our cabin!! Wasn't that a wonderful gift?? We are already used to Ralph hanging on the living room wall, so don't even bark at him. We save our barks for the live deer and moose that visit outside.

We will be here at our cabin at least until the end of November, so we'll post more photos as time goes by. Hope you have enjoyed the view!
Smooches from pooches,
Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Were There, Now We Are Here!!

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These are photos of Cousin Mary, her girl (bi-ped) Kayla, their llamas and their dog Loki. They live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado(that's the photo of the snowy mountains). Loki is sick with inoperable cancer in his shoulder. He was such a nice calm boy you couldn't even tell he was sick, accept for his weight loss. His sister was very sweet too, but mommy didn't get any photos of her. Cousin Mare spins yarn out of their llama's fiber and she makes very cool things with it. She also has a business where she sells the fiber on line. The family take all three of their llamas hiking and they carry camping gear on their backs. They also win lots of awards at various shows that the family takes them to. We all (Mommy, Dad, Hootie & me) slept in Mary's son, Cody's room and he had lots of blue ribbons on his wall that their llamas had won. Cody's room was SO COOL!! He had a real goose hanging on his ceiling and his bed spread was made of camouflage material! He is a sophomore at University of Wyoming. The girl, Kayla, will be going there next year too. Good that her big brother is there, because she is very pretty and he can protect her!

Now, I gotta tell you about Hootie and the llamas. He seemed fine with them at first, but then I barked (just a friendly "hello" bark, mind you) and Hootie went wacko. Mommy put me inside and thought little Hootie would calm down, but he did not. Those llamas were as cool as cucumbers. Hootie's barking only made them act more regal. They stared at him like he was some kind of crazy nut!! ha ha. He was some kind of crazy nut!! In fact Hoot's barking made all the neighborhood dogs start to bark and it was about 7am on Sunday morning. Do you think the neighbors were glad to see us get out of Dodge??
It was a fun visit with Cousin Mary and Kayla. Maybe next time we'll get to see Cody and Cousin Jim and their hunting dog too. Oh, and Mary and Jim gave us a really neat surprise to take home to the cabin with us, but Mommy hasn't taken a photo of it yet, so we'll save that for our next post. Also there are a few photos of us at the hotel in Montana and us in the car. AND some really cool critters we saw along the way between Montana and the panhandle of Idaho.

Mom said if you want us to send you a picture postcard drop us a line with your mailing address at her email address: .Put "postcard" as the subject.We found out that it's fun to send post cards to our buddies. A new hobby!

Lots more later friends, Baby Rocket Dog

Here is an added Hootie and the Llamas bonus feature:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thanks Suzuki!! - - Go Agatha/E girl!! -- AND Bye for now...

Thank you so much Suzuki for sending us that surprise package. That was so sweet of you!

This is Hootie playing with our new football that Suzuki sent us all the way from Australia! She sent us 2 tennis balls and 1 football. We kind of fought over the football (it squeeked), but I finally let little Hootie have it after de-squeeking it for him. It was the first time Mommy let me try to open a present myself. Hey, that's hard to do! Mason Dixie made it look so easy that it fooled me.

Here I am gnawing on one of the tennis balls. I love to play catch, but I was afraid Hootie might get it, so I held on to it with my teeth for safe keeping.

Here is a video of me checking out the presents still in their wrapper. That cackling noise isn't a witch, it's our mommy...try to ignore her please.

Now, this is an arrangement of KAX crackers that Hootie made especially for Aggie's big day tomorrow. She is in the Earthdog trials and we wish her the best of luck. I bet she's a nervous wreck right now.
This is Hootie eatting the E crackers after Mommy took the E E E E photo.

Finally, we are heading out for farrr N.Idaho tonight when the sun goes down. This is Hootie's and my duffle bag and a few bags with some of our toys. That duffle is stuffed full of our outfits, leashes and collars and neckerchiefs. Daddy laughed when he saw how much stuff was ours. You would think there was no such things as dog treats up in N. Idaho! Mommy has like 5 tins full of goodies for us. At least we'll be set if there is a natural disaster or something. We are taking a long route to get home this time, because our mom's cousin Mary lives in Longmont, Colorado and we're gonna stop there to see her and Kayla for a bit. Mary's husband and son are off in Nebraska turkey hunting so we'll miss them, but yippee we get to meet Mary,Kayla and their 3 dogs and maybe their llamas too!! We might even get another surprise while we are there. I'll let you know when we get home to Idaho.

Signing off for now. Have a wonderful weekend.
Love, Baby Rocket Dog

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Going Up North & Rodeos ~ Yippee Ky Oh Ky Ai!!

Mommy's getting all excited about going home to our log cabin in Idaho and the fever is catching. I am feeling the wander lust myself! Once there Hootie and I will be free to roam our little patch of forest and if we are good, will get to ride down town when the folks go to check the mail. Real excitement. He he. The Kootenai River Rodeo in Libby, Montana is July 24-25 and the Bonner County Rodeo is in Aug 14-15. Both are top notch rodeos and we are really looking forward to putting on our cowboy hats and watching some bull riding, barrel racing and roping. Yee haw!!

When we get to farrr N.Idaho we do not have a land line or an internet hook up at our place, so our time on the internet will be limited to visits to the library and Mommy's favorite internet hangout McDuffs Brewing Company, Grill/Irish Pub. She says the beer cheese soup is delish. I wouldn't know, as she never offers to share it with me. boooo.

Okay, better go now, as it is the wee hours of the morning here in Phoenix. Hope you enjoy the rodeo photos we posted (they're from the internet) to get you all excited about rodeos too!
Well, Blogger went down just as I was ready to post this, so it's just a few hours late. Have a good day all!
Smooches, Baby Rocket Dog

Friday, May 8, 2009

Report From The Hot Tub Party!!

Happy Friday Cats ‘n Jammers! Thank you all for all the warm Barkday wishes. Well, Baby Rocket Dog and I are finally recovered from our Wednesday late night hot tub & pool party. There were plenty of drop-ins from all over the globe. Sorry no photos because we had to keep the whole thing on the QT from my folk’s homeowners association…BUT, I will give you a synopsis of the guests & fun! We have had such hot weather here in Phoenix, triple digits all week, that we waited until after midnight to sneak into the pool area. Before that, our condo was so full of pooches that we had to ask Jeanne next door to house Mommy & Daddy. It was better that way, as Mom would have had a fit if she saw how many dogs piled on their double bed. A new record was set!

Lucky for us our buddy, Tempe neighbor Joe Stains, learned how to drive while his folks were away at a ball game. He and Tanner found a 20 passenger van so they shuttled back and forth to Sky Harbor Airport to pick up the guests. Sola and Nigel got here early so they helped by regaling the passengers with stories of crazy car trips and kooky neighbors. Fudgepants did bring the funnel he promised so he and my sweet girl Lacie (whom I will always love!!) were busy mixing up and pouring drinkies. Moco and Checkers stood by patiently to grab the first ones! Joe S. found Poppy, Penny and Patches wandering around on the tarmac and picked them up before they got heat stroke. Norwood’s mommy finally took him on a business trip to Phx with her and dropped him off at our place. That was nice of her. Travis gave himself a few days off his always busy job and made it too. He was quite a hit with the ladies! Scruffy,Eric and Stan were basking in the glow of his celebrity and the gals were all around them too! Ha ha. Smart fellows. Chase the puggle was SO cute and little that Baby Rocket Dog almost crushed him when she was giving him welcome Airekisses & hugs!! Fergi was taken aback by witnessing such a display of affection, but realized that that is Baby’s way and even let her plant a big smoochie on her.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java of Rock Creek Scotties arrived (all sparkling and clean from just getting bathed) with a group of pups from Scotland. Baby was pleased to see her friend Hamish, who was wearing a towel designed like a kilt - plaid and all! Lovely Bassets Martha and Bailey brought along some CD‘s and a boom box to play them on. (They kept the volume low.) Noah’s sisters,Willow, Tess and Lucy, noted for their beautiful singing voices, joined Bogart, also a noted songster, in giving us an impromptu performance of melodies from the 60’s. It was pawsome! The Dughallmor Beagle gang and Kimi Wagner, with all their beach combing experience, were sniffing around looking for crabs and clams by the pool. Diego Dog was right behind them trying to pry rocks out of the cool-decking for Pedro! Sillies. Meanwhile, Butchey and Snickers were trying to figure out if Glitterboy and Sugar could live in a hot tub. Yikes! Ruby Red Dog from Northern Arizona came down to chill out a bit and made friends with Ruby from Oz! Mommy’s friend John, from Wales, let his Welshies Meg and William fly in by themselves because he felt bad that he had to kennel them while he flew to California last week. They were so happy to meet Dyos and Taffy, who was there with his main squeeze cutie Lakie Stella. The total Welshie presence was 5 I think. We’re small, but mighty!! There was an abundance of Dales to be sure. Almost like a gang! Let’s see if I can remember them all: Bentley, Bogart, Dewey Dewster, Digsby, Faya , Janie, Lucia, Ludo the cool dude, Maggie, Mitch, Molly, our new friend Nelly, fab Aussie Noah and his sisters previously mentioned, Penny, Poppy, Patches,Ruby and Stanley and Stanley from Gooberstan and my best buddy from Phoenix, Mr. T-Bone Beasley. That’s a lot of Aireheads, oops, I mean Airedales in one place! Did I forget anyone?? Beautiful Asta finally got to relax a little after planning the wedding of the year for her sissy, Myrna. She kept swiping my birthday hat off my head and putting it on other party goers. Asta also dropped into the swimming pool like a brick and came up with a grin on her face a mile wide. Seems she found Stan at the bottom and they played mermaid together. Fun. Tank joined the 4 Musketeers, Suzuki (who got here a little late…they had a long distance to travel!) and Mango for the ever popular water game of Marco Polo. Mango kept saying ,”Mango Polo”, but it was still the same, obnoxious game. he he. Nobody initially recognized little Vodka…he got his hairs all cut off and Pruett & Beasley, my bouncers, thought he was a party crasher at first and was ready to toss him out!! When he started yipping in Chinese Daphne & Lacy put 2 and 2 together and said,”That’s VODKA!! Let him in!” Close call there. Sally from across the pond was practicing T-Touch on him to calm the poor guy down! My (future) rodeo date, Agatha, was chatting up fashionista Asta trying to get clues for what boots to wear to an Idaho rodeo. Lacie was trying to tell her that steel toed, lace up, work boots are all the rage. He he. That Lacie girl. Scooby snuck away from his pre-surgery bed to see how many of his “matches” are still together. (Aggie and I are just gonna stay good friends because “she’s a young thing and can not leave her brother*“.) I was happy that Clive got by for just a few minutes but had to fly right back to the Emerald Isle to be with Little Man. Penny the Westie was so sweet and shy but seemed to get along well with Idaho resident Dr.Dre. Maybe they'll end up at the rodeo in Sandpoint too!!

There was an incident at one point where Tula jumped in the deep end and forgot how to swim, so Kellogg from Connecticut and I, Hootie the Wonderdog, had to jump in and save her. We were then referred to as the heros of the night! Awww shucks.

Mason Dixie came with tons of Farm Dog treats for everyone and Minnie-Moo, Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker just followed her around looking for extra nibbles treats! They were so tasty with the mixed drinks! Ludo van Doggy might have had one drinkie too many as he was singing Happy Barkday over and over again, and he kept singing, “dear Ludo”. Hmmmmm. I believe he has dragged his special day out for an extra couple weeks! Marvin and Opy were hiding under the waterfalls with some unidentified pooches. We heard Marvin saying something about sending Jeannie back to Australia or something?? Arrooo?? Simba and Jazzi showed up around 1am but at least Simba got to celebrate his Barkday with us too. That was nice. We birthday-boys have to stick together. I think everyone had a good time and I look forward to seeing you all in the funny papers!

WelshieSmooches, Hootie

Ps-There were so many pups there it would be easy to omit some dog. If I left anyone out, please drop us a few lines in comments and tell of your experience! We've been experiencing some formatting trouble, so please forgive the weird format here. Thanks!

*Sung to the tune of Billy Boy.

Help! Computer Troubles!!

Hi Buddies! I wrote a big review of the hot tub/pool party today on the word processor. Took me a long time to get all the names, etc. down. Then, guess what?? My secretary (AKA Mommy) couldn't transfer it from the word processor to my blog. Every time she would copy it then try to past it on the blog the internet would shut off and have to start up all over again. She has tried it over and over and over again, but always with the same results. (Isn't that the definition of insanity?) Has anybody else had this problem?? We would totally be grateful if anybody out there could give us some clues on how to get this fixed. It made Mommy very grumpy and has driven her to the kitchen to eat away her mean mood!! This is not good, as she needs to lose extra poundage as it is. Enough said. Will keep trying to get my post up. It's a real good one too. Phooey.
Later Babies,

ps-Will post this video to keep you occupied in the mean time. ;<)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MAY 6th, Let The Partying Begin...

Happy 1st Birthday/Barkday To Hootie!!

A package came in the mail last week addressed to Hootie (and Baby Rocket Dog). Since Hootie can't read yet I, BabyRD, read the label to Hootie. It was from Mason Dixie! I helped Hootie get the box opened. It was a Happy Birthday gift from Mason . What a fabulous surprise. Organic goodies to eat from Farm Dog in Tennessee!

The card reads: Happy Birthday Hootie from your pal Mason Dixie!

A six pack of yummy bones and a bag of veggie "jerky sticks". Our mommy tasted them if you can believe that. She said they were all natural ingredients.

This is a happy Hootie. He and I got our first taste of ice cream for his (early) birthday treat and we ate it all up AND no one got sick!! It was so delicious!

The Dughallmor Beagles suggested using the hot tub for a Barkday frolic and if we sneak in after hours we could have a wet Barkday party! So, you are ALL invited to join us at the pool & hot tub for a soak and fancy drinkies---in plastic glasses of course! Sorry there will be no picture taking because it will be after hours and we don't want them to throw us out. That would be embarrassing. Hope to see you there!

AireSmooches, Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wet Dog Day...

Two weeks ago we all went to a Dales and Friends Meetup at Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert, Arizona. It was so much fun. Only thing is, Mommy had Daddy throw Baby into the deep water and we weren't sure that she was gonna come up!! Well, she did emerge and swam a fast doggy paddle to shore. At least she knows she can swim now. I got wet too and had so much fun. We met up with several Airedales and their people. Marley (a girldale), Beasley (of Mr.T-Bone fame) and Dudley (a huge boydale) kinda took me under their wings. When a non-terrier type pooch would start to act mean toward me they would scare 'em off! That was so cool. This one boxer really did not like me so his hooman took him away. I think he was afraid Dudley would beat his butt!! he he.

Folks always tease our mommy because they know when she takes a picture it most probably will turn up on our blog. Well, this is for you Amy & Bease!! Toodles, Hootie