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Monday, August 29, 2011

K9 Karnival Fun Last Saturday For Pawsitive Works

Here Hootie is getting a pooch massage by licensed therapist Stephanie. Ooooo that feels good!

Hellooooo camera...Aren't I pretty in my fluffy collar?? This Lab behind me thought so fer sure!

Anyone wanna scratch my soft belly? Come on...look how cute I am. Pleeeeeease?

Yes, children wanted to be just like us so they had their paws transformed into pooch paws!Cool!

Mommy finally got home from Grama's and sprung us from end of summer camp at Happy Tails on Wednesday. We told her it's time for her to spend quality time with US and we want her full attention. She took us for a nice long walk along the Deep Creek Trail and gave us peanut butter popsicles. Then on Saturday we had so much fun schmoozing with folks and pooches at the K9 Karnival. It was an event to raise $$ and awareness for Pawsitive Works. It benefits both pooches and kids. You can find out more about this worthy cause by going to . Okay, gotta go now cause it's time for Mommy to lavish more love on us!

Smooches from pooches,

BabyRocketDog and HOotie

Thursday, August 25, 2011

FOUND!! BabyRocketDog Is Missing

228am ~ She just came home! Nevermind. Thanks Maggie,Mitch & Sue!!

Please pray that BabyRocketDog is found safe very soon. It's 2:10am and BabyRocketDog IS MISSING. She ran off (after a deer I think) around 11pm. I've gotten in the car and looked for her for over an hour and even took a flashlight and looked around my woods. She, under normal circumstances comes when I blow a whistle. No response.I called Sheriff dispatch and she hasn't been turned in. I'm beside myself. She is no where to be found. I'm praying that someone just didn't call me because it's so late. I'm giving up for the night. I asked dispatch to call me at any hour if she is turned in. I'm so afraid for her. I hope someone doesn't plan on keeping her. I just got home to Idaho today and picked her and Hootie up at Happy Tails around 5pm. She must be so confused now. Please pray for her safe return and use your PawPower.

Thank you. Cassie

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Wheel-bur Today!

Above pic is BabyRD looking up at me. Below pic I,Hootie, am checking out the loft steps. See the cool koala that our friends Molly and Inky sent us from Oz? He sits on that post, taunting us all the time. Mommy says he's for "look at". Sheesh.

Not sure what we are looking at here, but whatever it was, we were quite interested!

Hootie's shadow at night. Doesn't he look like some sort of robot dog with bolts for ears?! BOL

Here we are in our outside kennel, quietly awaiting Mom's return. When the weather is warmer and she won't let us stay in the car, she will put us here to escape the heat.

Today Rupert Wheel-bur Lambert doesn't get to commandeer our blog. Our mommy is away and we are at Auntie Kate's kennels, so will regale you with a few photos from a few weeks ago. Hope you all are having a good week.

Smooches from pooches,

BabyRocketDog and Hootie

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Hard Day of Playing Ball

I'm a total ball-nut! Basically, there is nothing I love more than a good game of fetch. I actually don't ever want to stop, even when my tongue is hanging out and I'm exhausted. Mommy makes me go inside when she thinks I look too worn out though. Here are a few photos of one of our most recent games of fetch. Hope you enjoy them!


Baby Rocket Dog

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wheelie Gets A Name & HOotie Taste Tests Cesar!

Double click on photo to bigify!

HOotie is blurry here because he was so excited about the delish Cesar Canine Cuisine he was testing. He was sent a package of different flavors of food, and also Cesar Treats. I, BabyRocketDog, was so jealous because the meals are for small dogs. HOotie did let me share his Cesar® Treats Softies Medley™ though. They are our new favorite treat! The people from Cesar not only sent a package for HOotie to test, but also sent a package for us to give away.
Thanks Cesar people. You're swell!!

Now, for the announcement you have been waiting for. Ta Da! Our wheelie brother's new name is:

Rupert Wheel-bur Lambert

Our friends who suggested these names were Asta, Ramona and Amber-Mae. If you would send your mailing addresses to us we'll get your prizes out to you. Email: cassiejoATjunoDOTcom Since Asta is a small dog, her prize is the package of yummies from Cesar. Ramona and Amber-Mae will have to be surprised.

Sorry this took us so long. Pressing personal matters have been keeping our secretary busy. We love you all and hope you don't forget us.

Smooches from pooches,

Baby Rocket Dog and HOotie