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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Evening Stroll In Phoenix

After the big prize drawing tonight our Dad and Mommy took us for a nice long walk. We started out walking along the canal bank--near that new restaurant the San Gabriel Mexican Grill. Hootie got to see his first Mallard ducks! When we got close to them they decided to jump in the canal. They were on the path next to the canal eating bread that someone has left for them. Since this is the city, there were some pigeons enjoying the feast too. We were good and didn't bark or try to chase any of them.

Dad was in charge of holding us so Mommy could take a picture. He told us how good we were behaving. We didn't even let the dogs barking in their back yards upset us.

This is Hootie taking a rest on some nice soft grass. He was wearing his Gentle Leader' for the walk and didn't even pull on the leash like he usually does. Before the Gentle Leader Mom thought he was gonna strangle himself. Dad thinks I need one. I heel real nice when I'm walking with Mom, so she just thinks I don't take Dad seriously enough. He is a great playmate!! Wow, you can see Hootie's eyes in this picture.

Dad & I led the pack for a while and we practiced a few of my basic commands. While on lead we did "slow", "fast", "stop", "sit" and "right here". When Dad did fast (that's where we run together) something spooked me and I took a dive for the ground. They never did figure out what caused it, but I did it twice and even once with Mommy. I'm a very sensitive girl.

Mom looks pretty tickled with Hootie in this picture. He must have said something funny to her.

This is just another shot of Dad & me. Notice the bag in his hand? It's for carrying our poo! My folks are very conscientious when it comes to that.

This is Hootie & Dad walking along 12th Street. I was surprised that he wasn't at all afraid of all the cars driving past. When I was his age I was really timid about those things.

Well that about wraps it up for now. Hope you all enjoyed this little stroll with the family. See ya in the funny papers!

Your Friend, Baby Rocket Dog


Digsby Mac Feegle said...

It sure does look nice out in Phoenix. Here in Portland it is COLD! It was even snowing yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Snow in Portland? We'd love that! All we have is that awful old, dead Bermuda grass that makes Hootie itch! Slow day for comments, huh?
XO-BabyRocketDog & Hootie

Stanley said...

Hey, Baby RD & Hootie!

What a bootiful setting for your evening walk! WE can see that gorgeous Arizona sunset in the background. Can't believe you didn't bark at the ducks. You must have very good impulse control.

We always love seeing photos of you guys. How close in age are you two pups any way?

Goober love & smooches,