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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mommy Is Just Plain Not Computer Literate!

See our pretty new masthead?? Well, here's the problem: Mommy has no idea how to make the picture stretch across the top (like so many other blogs). She keeps trying and the words are too big and cover up our face, and the picture stays to one side of the screen. You might have noticed that the words keep changing. She went with XOXO 'cause it was small, but then our names weren't there. Oh a conundrum. What to do? If anyone has any bright ideas, we'd be forever grateful, as Mommy says she is at her wits end and we can not afford for her to loose any more wits.

XOXO- Hootie

ps-Speaking of wits, here is a video for you that our mommy made a while back. (Witty or half witty??) At least Mommy thinks she is funny...does anyone else get her strange sense of humor?? She seems to think that dogs have a sharper sense for these things! Please let us know what you think (here) on our comments. Thx.


shanice said...

What a good article.

You should contact the bizymoms Spokane community to get your article featured to their large mom community. I am sure they would love to read your posts

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom always leaves her pictures at 75 or 100% if she's going to use them as the blog header! Go to the fonts and colors in the layout section to make your print larger or smaller and you can change the color there too to make it more visible as you change the pictures! Our mom is no computer whiz but if your mom still needs more help, we'll be happy to help you out, guys!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Martha Basset said...

We just loved your mom's video - beautiful tiger lilies!
We dont know how we missed your post - we were still with the stuffie fairy.
We came over to protest at poor Bailey being called overweight!!!
She is basset shaped!
(Actually both Martha & Bailey have put on weight since being spayed as the vet is quick to point out! No longer can you see Martha's ribs!)
Anyway about your header - we have had to resize pictures to get them to fit the header. It probably also depends what kind of template you are using.
We have recently changed to stretch templates to allow for bigger pictures in the blog.
At the moment we have resized three little pictures for the header. If you upload your picture to something like Flickr it give you the option to resize.
It seems to be a case of mucking about a bit.
Good luck
love you lots
your fat friends,
Martha & Bailey xxxx

happy said...

Wish we could help but LS is pc illiterate too. Good luck on the resizing!

Mango said...

My Momma has a hard time controlling my bloggy too.

I sure hope that no terriers ate those flowers.


Shelley said...

Scout says for your mommy to try a different template - the Minima stretch template will allow you to have a big blog header photo! Good luck and hope you get to eat as many dog biscuits as I am today!
Woofers from Scout!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Glad you got some advice for your banner from other blogging pals, cuz we had the same trouble and had to get our auntie to fix it for us. We'd be no help!

We did, however, notice your spinning cousin's website, and realizing she's practically our next door neighbor (or at least WAS), added her to our Crafty Stuff List on our sidebar!

Happy to see the Stuffie Fairy in good form,
Jake and Fergi

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

We can't see the video, but I'm sure that is our problem.

Mom found this website today -
It might give you some help with your banner.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

The OP Pack said...

We don't know what to tell you either but someone here will know for sure. It is a very nice picture too.

woos, the OP Pack

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Still working on this. Unfortunately my battery only lasts so long using wi-fi from the visitor's center! Please keep the suggestions coming!

Ruby's Mum said...

You can crop your photo to the size you want (e.g. banner shape) in Photoshop, and also add whatever text you want so it appears in the right place - Blogger isn't so flexible for allowing this. Having said that, I just did Ruby's in iPhoto (sized to 3072 × 1432). It depends on the original if it works well in the letterbox shape. The way we did it, we were just lucky that the text fitted in an open area.
Ruby's having a contest - come over and give it a try!

Eric said...

Hey BRocket and Hootie. Can't believe Mom let me miss two of your interesting posts.She's off on one now seeing that ball in the bowl thingie even though she knows I don't like balls. And the stuffie fairy did a wickedly good job on your Conejo. It was a bit like the Moms video going backwards. Mom got it and sniggered and sniggered- thought it was very clever.

As for the picture - yeah as everybloggie says it's got to do with your template choice how big you can do some of the photos and the size you crop/stretch to before uploading.

Wiry loves and kissies Eric xxx

Noah the Airedale said...

D is a useless git when it comes to puters. B is the brains behind our header.


Moco said...

The crazy old bat is only able to do anything right by mistake. We know how you feel.