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Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Were There, Now We Are Here!!

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These are photos of Cousin Mary, her girl (bi-ped) Kayla, their llamas and their dog Loki. They live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado(that's the photo of the snowy mountains). Loki is sick with inoperable cancer in his shoulder. He was such a nice calm boy you couldn't even tell he was sick, accept for his weight loss. His sister was very sweet too, but mommy didn't get any photos of her. Cousin Mare spins yarn out of their llama's fiber and she makes very cool things with it. She also has a business where she sells the fiber on line. The family take all three of their llamas hiking and they carry camping gear on their backs. They also win lots of awards at various shows that the family takes them to. We all (Mommy, Dad, Hootie & me) slept in Mary's son, Cody's room and he had lots of blue ribbons on his wall that their llamas had won. Cody's room was SO COOL!! He had a real goose hanging on his ceiling and his bed spread was made of camouflage material! He is a sophomore at University of Wyoming. The girl, Kayla, will be going there next year too. Good that her big brother is there, because she is very pretty and he can protect her!

Now, I gotta tell you about Hootie and the llamas. He seemed fine with them at first, but then I barked (just a friendly "hello" bark, mind you) and Hootie went wacko. Mommy put me inside and thought little Hootie would calm down, but he did not. Those llamas were as cool as cucumbers. Hootie's barking only made them act more regal. They stared at him like he was some kind of crazy nut!! ha ha. He was some kind of crazy nut!! In fact Hoot's barking made all the neighborhood dogs start to bark and it was about 7am on Sunday morning. Do you think the neighbors were glad to see us get out of Dodge??
It was a fun visit with Cousin Mary and Kayla. Maybe next time we'll get to see Cody and Cousin Jim and their hunting dog too. Oh, and Mary and Jim gave us a really neat surprise to take home to the cabin with us, but Mommy hasn't taken a photo of it yet, so we'll save that for our next post. Also there are a few photos of us at the hotel in Montana and us in the car. AND some really cool critters we saw along the way between Montana and the panhandle of Idaho.

Mom said if you want us to send you a picture postcard drop us a line with your mailing address at her email address: .Put "postcard" as the subject.We found out that it's fun to send post cards to our buddies. A new hobby!

Lots more later friends, Baby Rocket Dog

Here is an added Hootie and the Llamas bonus feature:


Checkers said...

that looks like a fun time - I'm not sure about the duck hanging from the ceiling - that might be kinda scary in the dark!!!!!

Have a great trip -

Jen said...

Never a dull moment with Hootie!
Have fun!

Mango said...

Is Hootie insane????

Look at his little self all stiff legged and tail up. Of course the llamas are not bothered... they could totally squish him.

I think your Cousin's llamas are cool. Does she make stuff to sell online? Maybe you can tell us about that.

I am sorry that Loki is sick, but it sounds like he is not feeling too poorly, so that is good.


Sherry said...

Miro would love to meet a llama but Alanis prefers not to. They both think a bird hanging from the ceiling would be pretty cool.

Molly and Taffy said...

Hootie you are so funny, a hoot infact!!! Mind you I do like your bark it is not as ear piercing as Taffy's and I really am being polite here about his bark.

Glad you had a good trip and returned home safely.

Happy Memorial weekend.

Molly . xx

Martha Basset said...

Oh Hootie, we were told no barking at the animals on holiday cos they dont like it!
We thought you were quite funny though but that is cos we are not humans.
What a fun time.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Clive said...

Hootie, we really enjoyed reading all that. Sounded like such fun!

lots of woofs

Maggie and Mitch said...

We've never met a llama before! We wonder if they'd make fun playmates! Thank you again for the beautiful postcard! We have it right here next to the puter so we think of you every single day!
We can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Hamish Westie said...

Well of course if you look as strange as those 'llama' thingies (I don't think we have them in Scotland?) you're going to bet barked at!
Looking forward to hearing more about your trip,
Cheers! Hamish.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

We hope the llama didn't spit on you - they are famous for that.

Our Mom would love some of that llama fiber. What is the website of your cousin?

Have fun.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java