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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MAY 6th, Let The Partying Begin...

Happy 1st Birthday/Barkday To Hootie!!

A package came in the mail last week addressed to Hootie (and Baby Rocket Dog). Since Hootie can't read yet I, BabyRD, read the label to Hootie. It was from Mason Dixie! I helped Hootie get the box opened. It was a Happy Birthday gift from Mason . What a fabulous surprise. Organic goodies to eat from Farm Dog in Tennessee!

The card reads: Happy Birthday Hootie from your pal Mason Dixie!

A six pack of yummy bones and a bag of veggie "jerky sticks". Our mommy tasted them if you can believe that. She said they were all natural ingredients.

This is a happy Hootie. He and I got our first taste of ice cream for his (early) birthday treat and we ate it all up AND no one got sick!! It was so delicious!

The Dughallmor Beagles suggested using the hot tub for a Barkday frolic and if we sneak in after hours we could have a wet Barkday party! So, you are ALL invited to join us at the pool & hot tub for a soak and fancy drinkies---in plastic glasses of course! Sorry there will be no picture taking because it will be after hours and we don't want them to throw us out. That would be embarrassing. Hope to see you there!

AireSmooches, Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie


Suzuki said...

Happy Barkday Hootie!
Scooby will be back to work later next week hopefully. He has to go and get new-ters on Friday. He's excited, but I know what new-ters are and he is not gonna be happy!
Big licks to you

Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy birthday, Hootie! Isn't ice cream just the best stuff in this whole wide world?! We love your pawty hat! Have a fabulous day!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mango said...

Happy Birthday Hootie!
I love the hat!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Happy Birthday Hootie!! We'll be over after hours for the hot tub pawty. Mom's getting our towels ready now - OH NO!! We think we're going to get bathed today.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Lucia said...

Ciao Baby and Hootie!

Buon compleanno, Hootie! I hope you day is full of celebrations, pressies, hugs and yummy treats!

Tanti baci!

Molly and Taffy said...

Happy Barkday to you
Happy Barkday to you
Happy Barkday Dear Hootie
Happy Barkday to you.

Molly and Taffy xx

Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

Happy woofs,lots of treats and big wet beard kisses for your Birthday to you! You're a Taurus like our Mum. Hope you have the best day!
Bentley and family!

♥玮倩 said...

Happy barkday Hootie!!! You look so great with the pawty hat XD hope you had a great day! (:

best regards

Life With Dogs said...

I'll bring the funnel ;)

Nibbles Treats said...

Happy Barkday! Meet your in the hot tub!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Asta said...

Happy Biwfday Sweet Hootie!!!!!!!
I'm so glad you got to have some Ice cweam! I love it too, and nevew got sick fwom it.
You look so festive in youw Biwfday Hat. I would love to join you in youw hot tub fow the pawty...shhhhhhh!
Love you
smoochie kisses

Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

Happy Birthday Hootie!


GSD Adventures said...

Happy Barkday! Those treats look DELICIOUS!

Pruett and Daphne

Checkers said...

HAPPY BARKDAY - that MAson Dixie is one generous and kind pup

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Happy, happy barkday, Hootie! We'll be there for the hot-tub pawty...just as soon as we figure out how to get there!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

The OP Pack said...

Happy Birthday Hootie - the hat looks great!!! And yummy treats AND ice cream - isn't that so tasty???

We will be over for the pool party -YIPPEE!!!

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Diego Dog said...

Happy Birthday Hootie!!

Diego Dog

Mason Dixie said...

I hope I get to come to the hot tub party too. Happy Birthday Hootie, glad you liked your treats and your mom too. =)

Caz and Ludo the cool dude said...

Happy birthday Hootie it looks like you had a wonderful day love the hat. You with lucky with the pressies wow Otto isnt 1 yet but im sure he will have a good birthday when he does.

Ludo the cool dude.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Dear Hootie Happy birthday to yous!!
I likes your hat lots!
~lickies, Ludo

Joe Stains said...

We will totally be there, we can just hop on the bus and be there in no time! Those are some great pressies!!!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday, Hootie! How nice of you to share your treats with BRD!

Tank said...

Hi Hootie - just stopped by to sniff around and found out it's your birthday! Hope it's happy! Woof, Tank

Moco said...

Happy Birthday Hootie. That looks like you had a wonderful time. Count us in for the hot tub and drinkies.

The FOUR Musketeers said...

HAppy Belated Barkday Handsome Hootie ! Looks like you had a great day !!!

Four Musketeers

Hollie and Janie said...

Happy Barkday, Hootie!
You look so cute in your party hat!! It looks like you had a fabulous day!

Simba and Jazzi said...

hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Simba and Jazzi xx

Nelly said...

Happy Birthday Hootie. Ice cream and fancy hats! I hope I'll get ice cream when I'm one ... sigh.
Nelly xx
Thanks for coming by my Blob. I'll link to you, ok?

Lacy said...

w00f's Pups, nice to meeted u..happy barkday Hootie, me iz sorry me iz a little late..mama iz slow..hope u gits lots of ear scratchies and u has many many more barkdays..

b safe,

Jen said...

Happy 1st Birthday Hootie!
May you have many many more!
Hey aren't you actually really 7?

Martha Basset said...

Happy belated 1st birthday Hootie. Sorry we are late!
It looks like it all went well with yummy treats and ice cream!
You were looking very cool with your party hat!!
We missed you
Martha & Bailey xx

tula said...

Hope you had a furry great birfday, Hootie! You do know how to celebrate- party hats, ice cream, hot tubs with drinkies. Wooohoo! Hey, are your eyes closed in the pics? i turn my head away.. mom doesn't like that.

kiss kisses,


Happy Bark day to you!
Hootie you make the best Barkday boy ever! I LOVE LOVE LVOE the hat and your classic eyes closed shot.


TwoSpecialWires said...

Happy Bark Day, Hootie! I didn't get to properly wish you a happy day and happy year the other night (neither did Fergi, from what I gather -- she was too dumbfounded), so we are here NOW to say it...

Jake and Fergi

Tee said...

Happy belated barkday hootie. Glad to hear you had a wonderful wonderful pawty with so many friends attending. We from Dog WOods would like to wish you many many happy returns of the day.

Licks and wags
Tuffy and the Dog WOods Pack